LEA 23 ~The Gates of Oria~ by Tahiti Rae ~Open Sept 2nd~

Gates of Oria - LEA BLOG PHOTO

It’s time for another snare of the senses by Tahiti Rae. LEA 23 The Gates of Oria steps in line with all of Tahiti’s other previous builds as being a true amazement. These worlds you really step into and dream you really do. Follow me on my journey through them in my series of blogs trying to capture her dreams. With this first blog I am setting the stage…..

Fantasy …
can be such a risk
such a deep mystery

and profoundly
the strongest certainty
ever known

They say it takes 300 years for an oak tree to grow.
300 years for it to live.
And 300 years for it to die.

Perhaps our fantasy love took 300 years to grow.
An eternity to live.
And never dies.

Maybe .. it’s real.

~ Tah

Gates of Oria Welcome Sign3 FINAL


Where does your “fantasy” love exist? Travel through portals under each Oria Gate on the ground to emotional fantasy worlds in the sky. At each world’s landing point, or at it’s end, you will find a ROCK with a sign for you to TP back to the gates on the ground. If you prefer to cheat, clicking the red sign will give you a notecard containing landmarks to all worlds. New worlds may be added over time 😉 I have featured the photography/art of CybeleMoon throughout the worlds as they are a world of their own – just mesmerizing! And keep in touch with visits, events and her own photos through AmandaMagick on her blog of The Gates of Oria! Thank you for visiting and adding meaning to these worlds!
~ Tah

During my first explorations of The Gates of Oria I went to a world called…

Please click this artwork to see it full size.

LEA 23 ~The Gates of Oria~ The 4 Suns. The sun is part of me.

The 4 Suns

In this dream I am a descendent of the sun and all ablaze. Fire is a part of me. This world of a dream there are 4 suns and it’s beautiful in a scorching way…. If it takes 300 years for an oak tree to grow it must take 3 billion years for me to be part of the sun. The sun is in me.

The Gates of Oria are part of us where eternal love resides. All you have to do is close your eyes and breathe.

LEA 23
by Tahiti Rae

Open Sept 2 – Dec 31, 2018

This landing point has all you need so please be sure to turn around and read and see everything for what to click. The worlds of Tahiti Rae await you!

Please stay tuned to this blog for more adventures in LEA 23….. more to come, dream by dream, world by world.

Worlds within The Gates of Oria:
4 Suns
Le Passe
Paragon Halls
Cypress Letters
Ivy Maya
Then Why?

Plus more to come in time….

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  1. this build is so exciting and not just because some of my pieces are featured there. It’s an incredibly profound voyage through the layers of time and dreaming!! Great images Amanda!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I only posted one, The 4 Suns in this blog …. I will post one or 2 images in each we will see. I want each area to have maximum attention ❤ Thank you my dear friend!!! your art is mind blowing too 🙂


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