The Dead Horse is STILL Dead. Is Second Life a Game or a Virtual World, Social Environment?

This question comes up OFTEN on Facebook. It seems to me that there are two types of people in Second Life. There are the people who “play” SL and the people who consider it a virtual existence full of all possibilities real life has to offer only in a virtual social environment.

Second Life is full of artists, business people, creators, designers, gamers, programmers, doctors, DJs even the nightlife as well as the roleplaying of anything imaginable and unbelievable to be roleplayed. But on FB there is a HUGE SL community who engage with each other and argue about whether SL is a game or not. Here are some points of interest.

There are no clear objectives. You don’t have rules and directions or maps to strategically win anything or get to the end of the “game.” There is no princess at the end and no pot of gold.

However, inside Second Life you can play games and wear huds to destroy things and gain points and such. There are sims for combat, roleplay and other things that are not allowed anywhere else in SL. But still, this does not change what Second Life is.

The bottom line is SL is what you make out of it for yourself. If you want to be antisocial and never leave your skybox and have no friends and won’t talk to anyone who IMs you…. that’s fine you do you… But, if you abuse other people verbally and manipulate, use and control everyone around you… chances are… you are “PLAYING” Second Life and not making it what it was intended to be for you, a virtual existence to make and be what you want. “Players of SL” usually in my experience make themselves into unpleasant experiences.

There must be “players” of SL who don’t hurt others and control them…  If you can prove me wrong.. please do so in the comments section of this blog… I really want to read it and accept your viewpoints. It’s worth a debate.

So the dead horse is not really dead yet.

Meva-Lisa at Cosmo.

A video I found lol “What is this Game?”

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  1. orcaflotta says:

    Oh no, that unsavoury discussion again. :/ How often did we go trough this, since how long is this topic reheated every now and then? Second Life is a virtual world … in this world we live through our avatars. My avatarine could play games if she wanted, but she and I, we both would know it’s just a game. And as soon as I/she TPs out of it the game situation is over … but life in SL goes on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you 🙂 The thought of greifers being “players” with no positive connections with people is pretty accurate though I must say 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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