Cancer, Death, and Virtual Worlds

Ryan has brought up a wonderful topic. What do we do when we are thinking about and planning the inevitable? Second Life is my hobby of choice and I have put a lot of work into AmandaMagick. She has her own personality and has risen to a stature in SL of something I can be proud of. AmandaMagick should not have a limited life since she is virtual and can live on…

I think Second Life is a wonderful place to upload who we are and let that existence remain long after we are gone. This experience is a chance to be who we are inside or the creative aspects of us that we can’t be in the real world. Its a part of our consciousness that can be perfect in whatever ways we wish. Being able to leave our avatar to someone of who we choose and trust is a lovely gift…. from what I hear LL has this process in place if we really want it and need it.

Please rest assured that if something happens in my life and I have to step away from SL for a while, I will be sending all my list a notecard inworld and a post on FB. I would never just disappear. If I do disappear you will find out why by 2 or more people of my choice and you will know its real.

Much Love,

Ryan Schultz

marcel-scholte-524343-unsplash.jpg Photo by Marcel Scholte on Unsplash

Yesterday, I found out that I might have bladder cancer.

I’m going to have surgery on October 3rd. The voluminous paperwork I filled out yesterday said it was for a “Transurethral Resection—Bladder Tumor”. I underwent all the standard pre-operation routines: EKG, chest X-ray, bloodwork. (Yes, I had to pee into a little cup.) The urologist who is operating on me will be doing a biopsy to see if I indeed have bladder cancer. (Thank God for Canada’s universal healthcare system.)

This is all happening so fast that it is making my head spin.

And, well, obviously, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my own mortality.

I actually don’t have a lot of material possessions. My biggest purchases in life have been my computer and my car. And I don’t have a will yet; I’ve been putting it off, and putting it off…

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