Deathless ~LEA23 The Gates or Oria~ by Tahiti Rae

by Tahiti Rae
Open thru Dec 31, 2018

(Please click the images to see them larger!)
Deathless Landing Point
The Gates of Oria Main Landing Point

The stories of Deathless are untold. Perhaps our fantasy love took 300 years to grow, an eternity to live and never dies. Maybe .. it’s real.


Where does your “fantasy” love exist? Travel through portals under each Oria Gate on the ground to emotional fantasy worlds in the sky. At each world’s landing point, or at it’s end, you will find a ROCK with a sign for you to TP back to the gates on the ground. If you prefer to cheat, clicking the red sign will give you a notecard containing landmarks to all worlds. New worlds may be added over time 😉 I have featured the photography/art of CybeleMoon throughout the worlds as they are a world of their own – just mesmerizing! And keep in touch with visits,
events and her own photos through AmandaMagick on her blog of The Gates of Oria! Thank you for visiting and adding meaning to these worlds! ~ Tah

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