Glowfairy 2 ~Paris METRO Couture~ Double Double Toil and Trouble!

She is too terrified to behold of what is in the pot stewing. The wicked witch of desperate times was starving and catching all the fairies for her evening autumn meals. Bubbling and brewing over the hot fire were for sure a couple of the glow fairy friends.

Please click this image to see it larger!

Glow Fairy 2 is a second rendition of the perfect first since for the latter had been long ago minced up and boiled.

Paris METRO Couture’s GLow Fairy 2 has appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega and comes with a mask and wings. Find this on the 3rd floor of the main Paris METRO Couture store.

LM: PMC 3rd floor Walk a little farther down the aisle and find The Kiss of the Spider Woman too….. Please stay tuned for more…..

You can also shop in real life for Paris METRO Couture. Paris METRO Couture website
Treat Yourself!

~~~~~Paris METRO Couture’s Other Locations~~~~~
􀀁 Paris METRO Couture la Samaritaine Paris France

􀀂 Paris METRO Couture The Renaissance
􀀃 Tiki Rose by Paris METRO Couture
􀀄 Paris METRO Couture Gentlemans Store Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀅 Paris METRO Couture Life Love Shop Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀈 Paris METRO Art Gallery at The Pour
􀀇 Paris METRO Art Gallery 2

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a rare movie 🙂 enjoy!

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    1. I know it is such a horrific tragedy!!! Just awful!!!! Glow fairies are veryyyyyy rare.

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