Antique Style Portrait in Second Life

A little while ago like a couple weeks back I made a pose. I was inspired by the Mona Lisa. So I looked on google and used it as a reference for posing my avatar. I am using the Anypose Basic and while it does not have bento for the fingers and such it does really well for the basic pose altering. Then I use my mesh body hud to pose my hands and the Catwa animations hud to pose my face. There are steps involved but it’s not too hard to do.

This is my AmandaMagick posed as the Mona Lisa. I tried to get the angle and eyes right but I could not make the perfect smirk though so the mouth is just what I had available to me.

Mona Lisa
As best as I could do… a classic portrait pose in antique style. Please click this image to see it larger.

The top is from Tetra and the skirt is Junbug.

That picture is now one of my favorites that I have done. It also led me to do another one yesterday using the same pose. I altered it a little and used a different style and feeling in this next picture.

I went shopping at X by FaMESHed and found the Mina ~Kim~ hair I wanted. It comes with a collar and an RLV version. It’s so different and pretty I wanted to try the demo… tried it and said YEP!!! Also, I found this top called Amanda by Mossu at Collab88 since I was there by mistake looking for the hair LOLOL. I thought “This is named Amanda and I must have it!” The skirt is Junbug Olenna in Ink. Oh and also the rings were at Collab88 as well and are by Yummy ~Ouija Set~

In the Mona Lisa antique style… AmandaMagick in Mina ~Kim~ and Mossu Amanda. Please click this image to see it larger.

I have been having fun lately with slowly learning the Anypose and combining that with the Lumipro projector system and playing inside Photoshop to get the antique portrait style that you see in old castles.

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This is a fun video of travels to castles in Romania 🙂 ENJOY!!

Also…. Here is a video about this new event called FaMESHed X.

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  1. Mona Lisa didn’t have a sensual mouth but she did have an enigmatic smirk. Great pose!

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  2. Thanks for the artistic blog post!

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