Damned Snow White by Magick Thoughts ~Alternative Fairy-Tale~

Have you ever heard the tale? I mean the damned tale? Fairy-tales are much more exciting when you sit down and read an alternative one. Grimms don’t hold a candle to this story of the damned.

Damned Snow White
The evil witch in this tale was far more evil than we ever thought possible. The witch had an eternal hunger especially for pale sweet beauty. Snow White’s complexion of fair milky skin and her dark blood red lips teasing all with her tricky cute smirks and smiles was just too much for the witch. For poisoning the apple to make Snow White fall asleep was farrrrr to tame. The witch was so jealous and in love with Snow White that she poisoned the apple with her secret vampire blood. No one new the witch was a vampire, but if you remember she wanted Snow White’s still beating heart cut out….. that was a clue we all missed.

When Snow White was not killed and a pigs heart was boxed up instead… we should have been aware of the witches intentions but we were not. Biting into this poisonous apple was truly deadly but not for long. There was a terrible delicious HUNGER when Snow White woke up. In the end of this horrible tale, Snow White was a vampire who craved still beating hearts.  Her just reward was the wicked witches heart. Now you know where the old saying came from. “That gaping black hole is where ones heart used to be.” True damned evil.


Damned Snow White, The Alternative Tale.(Please click this image to see it larger you will be glad you did).

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Wearing: Snow White by Oubliette
Yummy Rings
Zombie Heart by Vista Animations- it’s bento!

Picture taken at WITCHWOOD
Extra Blood from AFI Designs-Murderess Costume

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