Enchanting Passing of Time ~::Static:: Grandfather Clock~ The Enchantment Event

I do love clocks in real life and Second Life. I went to a friends grandparents one time when I was 12 and their house was full of clocks and was the largest collection I had ever seen. There is something whimsicle about them that I just love and the grandfather clock is my favorite. In Second Life I have been waiting for lovely grandfather clock and today I found just that.

I had early access to the Enchantment Event that starts today I believe but it’s not open yet… I was so excited to hear about the event and was looking forward to it.

Enchantment Event

…”Enchantment presents…. Brothers Grimm!

On November 10th Enchantment will bring the many tales of the Brothers Grimm to life with our Designers Choice round! We are super excited and can’t wait to see all the talent that is brought forth! The build is amazing, the stories are grand and the fun awaits!!

❀ November 10th to December 3rd
❀ We chose Katsuvy as our dA artist this round. We fell head over heels with Bedtime!! Check her out on DevientART, you wont be disappointed: Katsuvy on Deviantart
❀ Click to see full list of participants: Full List of Participants

Bee Designs, Entice Boutique in Second Life, Eudora3d, E.V.E, HEXtraordinary – Fine Magical Goods, Jinx, The Little Branch, Aphrodite Shop, Silvan Moon Designs Original Mesh, Sweet Kajira, 3rd Eye Perception,, Albion ScriptWorks, Amara Beauty, Bakaboo, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, DeeTaleZ, Elemental, elephante poses & Bella Elephante, Elle Boutique SL, Epic, EvoLove, Kokoro Poses, Le fil cassé, Letituier, MOoH,Mosquito’s Way, Nantra, No.match_, Petite Mort & Oubliette,Queen of Ink, Serenity Style, Carrie Snowpaw, Static Apparel & Gacha, Unorthodox Underworld, Volvér SL, Second Life — feeling excited….”  —-shared from the FB page

Here is what I did with this beautiful clock! The Grandfather Clock works for real and you can set it to any timezone and will chime on the hour as well as chime longer at 12 and 6. It features a cubby to hide things at the bottom and the doors open. Click anywhere that is not a door for a dialogue to open where you set the time zone and turn on and off the chime. This is truly LOVELY!!!!!!!

Mesh grandfather clock that works! by ::Static:

Enchantment Event LM But please try it later today… it is not open yet and you will be TPed away LOL. I will add in the time when I know it … sorry. (Now OPEN).

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