Tales of a Winter Sun

This is a lovely blog by my dear friend CybeleMoon. Her exhibit Opening is at The Paris METRO Art Gallery in the Virtual World of Second Life. If you are not in Second Life, I strongly recommend joining and making an avatar even if you have no idea what you’re doing. Then you can attend this special Gala. Here is your starting point https://secondlife.com

Also please stay tuned to my blog for all the details of this amazing exhibit and live entertainment. The Tales of Winters Sun is coming on Dec 15th at 12 noon SLT time….. Hope to see you there!

Here is the Gallery’s Facebook please LIKE the page for all info as well https://www.facebook.com/ParisMetroGallery/
Much Love,
AmandaMagick and all the Paris METRO Team.

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter- dedicated to Nick

A portal in the park (inspired by T. Rae’s Gates of Oria)

There is a time in the sacred solitudes of winter,

while the dreaming earth stirs softly beneath her frosted blanket,

where for a moment, we remember innocence and magic, and the incredible awe of being,

my world of light

where hope is renewed in the lighting of candles and a star leads the way to Bethlehem,

Treat yourself to Leonard Cohen’s touching and powerful Hallelujah sung by an amazing 8 year old girl – Rhema

Where grievances are put aside as we open our wounded hearts to receive the seeds of rebirth

“There’s a blaze of light in every word, It doesn’t matter what you heard, the holy or  the broken Hallelujah

Where my own dreams flow to the music of haunted woodlands and enchanted children.

Tamar Kristofferdottir,  Icelandic maiden

a winter sun

and old tales are…

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  1. hey, thank you so much Amanda!! My post didn’t start out to be an advert for my showing but I added a comment to yours ( to Disperser) explaining more I hope. Most of my readers of course are not SL but they do know about my virtual blog site. However, I haven’t had time for both so I put a bit in the post about it. Two people have contacted me from there asking about it!! Did you add the Slurl to the post?

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    1. 🌹 I have not added the slurl because it’s not time for the opening yet. I will do another blog for the opening closer to time. 🌹

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