Computer Trouble and Second Life ~My iMac is a Bad Apple~

My iPhone 8+ is lightyears better and more powerful than what I am forced to use in Second Life right now. Back in 2011 when I was new to SL I was using an iMac 2007. It was ok for SL but not the best, but it did what I needed it to do and was only 3yrs old. As SL was growing and mesh was becoming the norm this computer slowly could not handle SL very well and I could not use advanced lighting at all or I would crash. So I had had enough in 2013.

For my birthday in Jan of 2014 I bought a new iMac. It was amazing and SL was so fast everyone was a blur and I could not read their display names as they walked. I was so pampered. …. Now in Dec of 2018 4 yrs after I bought that computer (4 yrs only) it is doing this…

The screen has what I am calling the “Apple-Pox.” I took it in to the genius bar last Sunday and they are testing it extensively and slowly.

I am not amused at this point and I know computers are not made to last anymore but a Mac only lasting 4yrs? Come on!!! Full circle back to what I am talking about… My 2007 iMac is what I am using now until Apple finally gets back to me about my better computer. This poorly iMac thats in its almost vintage years does not like SL one little bit. So all I can do is sit on my studio platform with almost nothing and get my IMs. Thats it. No advanced lighting, no visiting other places unless once I get there doing a shift+control+alt+9 to derender everything except the sky and avatars and even then I am lagging with fps under 10.

11 yr old iMac in SL. My real computer is in the Genius Bar being diagnosed and may need replaced.

Yep this is me in SL the past week and no end in sight. I am supposed to be getting a call in the morning as to what will happen next. Wish me luck. If you see any images from me right now they are screenshots from gyazo. yuck! Photoshop cannot fix this amount of awful.

Happy SL everyone!

Thinking Happy Thoughts

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Moz Loordes says:

    That definitely doesn’t sound right, I hope they manage to find out what the problem is.

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    1. took forever but it seems to be User data and software like the OS. Thankfully it was not hardware.


  2. oh boy what a bummer!! I’m wishing you luck!!!!

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  3. orcaflotta says:

    Why? Why o why are people still using this grossly overpriced Apple crappola? From SL’s day one onwards everybody and their grandma – and even the fukn lab itself – knows that Macs not good SL machines make. Mostly underpowerd on the cpu and the gpu side, you get average experiences, at most. Particularly the iMacs have traditionally always been rather weak on the graphical side, no?

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    1. if the iMac is new the graphics drive does well. But give the computer 3 yrs or 4 and SL is too heavy a dog fort he iMac. iMac Pros are far more powerful however and will do better in SL. I happen to love Apple. But when I move to England next fall I will be switching to a windows PC. My needs are too heavy for Apple.

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  4. orcaflotta says:

    “graphics drive”
    What’s that? You mean the graphics card, or GPU? Doesn’t have anything to do with age, iMacs are generally underpowered for graphics heavy workloads, many of them even running on Intel’s HD graphics afaik.
    My Asus GTX-770 came out in 2013, I bought mine in 2015, and it is still a strong performer. Running SL on fulll eye-candy. Heck even my old GTX-260 did still ok-ish, albeit a bit slow fps in full clubs and so.

    “I will be switching to a windows PC.”
    Good girl. 😉 But do yourself a favour and buy something without Windows on it. That clunky shit is baaaad, so bad so really really bad. MS isn’t a nice company and almost as fiercely negative as Apple who put their users behind a wall. So get or assemble your own rig, and put Linux on it and be done with all that abusive industry meanness.

    “My needs are too heavy for Apple.”
    Every SLers needs are too heavy for Apple. I remember a time when Apple was cool and one felt like a bonafide rebel when using it, but that was before SL, and those days are long gone now and as Apple user you’re worse off than even all those clueless Windows apologets and sheeples.


    1. The graphics card is a drive now. I don’t think I agree with being worse off than a clueless Windows user. I have grown beyond what a regular iMac can do. So it will have to be to of the line business class Mac Pro with wicked fast graphics and work load or migrate myself to a pc like alienware maybe.


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