Owner of Avi-glam in shock over first encounter with copybotter (my thoughts)

Copy-botting is BAD. It is extra bad if you have limited photoshop skills. To the trained eye so to speak, I can see that these are in fact the same eye. The copy-botter blurred, PS corrected, and put a bad eyehine on then claimed copyright in the same similar way to call this their own. My trained eye says they stole….. Avi-Glam has beautiful eyes and when you steal, claim and sell… that is not very pretty.

Also it is too easy for shoppers to take the side of the thief when they don’t understand how much work went into making the item. The comments to this blog post show me how mean people can be. I feel bad Avi-Glam was stolen from….. why take the copy-botters side? To the trained eye I Can see everywhere this copy-botter made corrections bad and added their own limited PS skills….

Let’s show some respect.

The Whisperer

Source : Flickr

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