Second Life, Apple Users and the uncertainty of Viewer Support (sharing and my thoughts)

I am going to share a blog post here while they have no reblogging button.

Second Life and the Future of Apple Users.

Apple is stopping support of OpenGL this year after the Mojave OS. Looks like I will not be updating to the next OS next September. Apple is not moving forward with PC’s and Vulcan it’s Apples metal or else! We will have to see in the future if anything is done for Apple Users which I suspect NOT. Cross platform compatibility and Apple……. so far looks like a no go. Please read that blog because its in depth and very interesting and angering.

The Far East Beach skirt and halter top. Fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink bodies.

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  1. Char Lemon says:

    Thanks god i haven’t upgraded to Mojave!

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      1. Char Lemon says:

        I’m currently looking to buy a new mac. Thanks for the info.

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      2. If you plan on gaming like Second-life you may want to consider switching to PC. Or wait and see about support.


      3. Char Lemon says:

        I do have pc too. I’ve been in sl for 12 actually. But my pc needs upgrade too

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