Drama Queens and Trolling in Second Life ~Blogging Edition~

There is a vast infinite sea out there of Second Life Facebook users. SL Residents who take pictures, make art, post on social media and flickr everything they love. Then you have status updates of what is bothering them. Hey that’s fine…. we all have our pages and profiles everywhere and Flickr accounts. But when is it taken too far?

We are in the safety of our own homes on the computer making art for our own enjoyment and sharing. Let’s face it, we all love SL and what we do. Spread the love… not the hate. Since when is it ok to verbally abuse in a status update? Yeah you may be upset about something or people but why feel all lofty and post an FU status update to everyone? You have learned some stuff and want to share and charge for it, thats great more power to you. But if and when you misread comments and point fingers then cut down and abuse others and what they have made …. I think that is going too far.

Seriously though….

What you do is your business and what I do is mine. I like to speak my mind and keep it real. Usually I am spreading the love not the hate. I know what it feels like to be stepped on, I know what it feels like to be trolled on a few occasions. Trolled everywhere from WP to FB to SL and Flickr all by the same people who could not handle me doing my own thing.. this is not how social media should be. But it is.

Drama is everywhere and especially on facebook. Creating a post on FB of your distain of others while offering your services just don’t really go together. People get upset and start commenting what they think… the ball is rolling. Threatening to troll someone everywhere is pretty hostile… Is that a face you want to have? Putting down others pictures does not help you either. Lewd comments on FB like S#### My D###! to anothers misunderstood opinion won’t take you far either. LOL.

Anyway, I think it’s a popcorn sort of day and drinking coffee. I just thought I would use my blog for my own thoughts on this matter.. Here is my disliked profile picture that was totally trashed upon… LOLOLOLOL. Trashed it like this is allllllllll the talent I have like the best I could possibly do? LOL funny. This was a quick 5 min picture in PS…. All of my talent they would not understand LOL I could describe all I did in this…. my own back drop, made the pose myself, used my Lumipro, used my own windlight I made, put it all together and shot it then went into PS and did several things with several layers…… I may have gone beyond this Drama Queen already to make this substandard picture…. but I will be nice and give them the benefit of the doubt. Their stuff they do is good, I admit…. I also don’t trash others unless they troll me first… But I imagine Virtual Secrets will get them next Sunday… I will wait….

Keep it real…. be you… spread the love and coffee!

For the love of coffee.

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  1. oh that is a lovely virtual portrait. Oh even I complained on FB lol. ( not mentioning names of course- except to you lol)

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    1. we all do!!!!! But today it was a “blog how I like to” day 🙂

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      1. did you hear they are closing google plus profiles? and however did you find that old dragonfly post lol

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      2. well when I look at my stats page here and see where clicks are coming from.. your blog has that link and so I clicked it and its that post from 2015… how strange.. https://gyazo.com/66b79331ca3c10591c3b72a0cc04c4e6


  2. Yes Google+ is sinking into the internet sea. I did not use it really for more than 5 or 6 years.


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