Tips and Tricks ~Sharing Photoshop for Second Life~

Everyone has their own ways of doing things. There is no one right way or wrong way because it’s all about what is easiest for you. I have come to learn that it is almost impossible to learn everything about Photoshop even with earlier versions. But now there is Photoshop CC the creative cloud subscription which is always updated to the very latest. I am always looking for something new to learn that catches my eye to use in my Second Life pictures. This means I will never know everything and I will always have something to do. Did you know that soon on new Ipad Pro there will be Photoshop? I am waiting for that before I buy a new ipad.

There is a new trend among a few with doing pictures where they make highlights. That is one way of doing it and it’s striking and dramatic. So I thought I would put my own spin and ways to it and do a picture last night. As you know, if you know me is that I love to share and help. If I learn something cool I want help out and give pointers. Well this is one of those times. I am not perfect and do not know all of Photoshop but hey I will tutor what I know… One time long ago an old friend who is not around anymore told me to not give away my secrets. Jack was serious and he was pretty good with PS too and we were talking about something I can’t remember, but he said don’t tell anyone it’s not good for business. Well you know what? I don’t care, I think its really good for business and exposure. Let’s face it, I have made lots of great friends in the SL community and if someone asks me something I will tell them if I know it.

These are a before and after of what I did last night. Please bare with me, I am using this new editor and I think you can click these to see them bigger.

In the first image I have not edited at all. This is raw from Second Life. Tips: I used one of the Orca Black Fog windlights, made the pose with my Any Pose, I used the Lumipro Projector System to light me up in the dark, I used the hands poses in the Maitreya hud and the eye poser in the Catwa hud. There are things within the Firestorm viewer I did too but thats for another day. Things will be different for you if you use the Black Dragon Viewer but I don’t use that since I am on a Mac.

In the second image I have used a technique for highlighting in Photoshop. As well as this technique I will show you via a video… I have used the Camera Raw feature which is under the Filters Menu. It is basically Adobe Lightroom inside Photoshop. Within Camera Raw there is a clarity slider among many other useful things… I used that a little bit too. Now onto the video I found. I love finding help and lessons on Youtube. Phlearn is my all time favorite but this is a video is by PIXimperfect.


Have fun playing around!!!! You can make things shinier than I and go all out… I was going for a natural look in my final outcome.

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