Shiny ❤Tips and Tricks❤ for Photos in Second Life ~Using Youtube~

I do a-lot of different things with my pictures and set up within Second Life while setting up a picture. This is one of the ways I play around with my avatar to get the look I need. Using shine on the skin is really nice but it easily can be over done or not done at all. I like to be somewhere in the middle. Also please keep in mind to have the shine on your head and body match each other because it will look silly if your body is waaaay shiny like oil and your head has none LOL. Try to use the sliders in each hud to make the head and body match as best you can. But remember to also turn on your advanced lighting model so you can see these changes. I have shared with you a video I came across that goes over each step with several mosh bodies and mesh heads. Someone once said learning from Youtube is stupid…. I CHALLENGE THAT! LOL

In this picture I have done I used all the shine I could with my huds… I went all out and made my head and body as shiny as I could.

My skin shine! all sliders all the way up!

Learning from Youtube is not stupid. This is one of the main ways I educate myself on my own time. Whatever I have in my mind that I want to do I just use key search words like “How to blah blah in PhotoshopCC” … you get the picture right? Try… How to make and overlay in Photoshop. See what you get. .. see? This one came up and its one of my faves and teaches you how to make Bokeh Overlays all by yourself.

So don’t let others naysay about different ways of educating yourself. I was a student decades ago…. I have learned more on my own and in my own time than I ever did in college. I don’t know everything about Photoshop nor do I know everything about Second Life…. so.. every day is a school day. If I can answer questions I do and I won’t charge you … LOL. Thats and inside reference to something that came up a few weeks ago hahaa!

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  1. orcaflotta says:

    I dunno shit about PhotoShop neither, as a Linux user only using Gimp – and badly, I must add – but the added bokeh looks fake af dontcha think? Reminds me more of a dirty lens than of the natural Depth of Field effect PS tries to emulate here. Bokeh has nothing to do with JJ Abrams-like Lens Flare and is an effect that happens in the unfocused background (and only with some lenses), not on the faces of your models which are usually what you focus on.
    When I grew up, and later when I took my photography serious and earned money with it, there existed no bokeh. You simply had an unfocused area in front and behind your subject when you opened the lens far enough. We used that effect to make the viewers concentrate on the important stuff (faces, eyes, details) and had the rest blurred. Those roundish rings, like you have in bokeh, only appeared in physical photography when you used very strange and expensive mirrored tele lenses.

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    1. For awhile there a couple years ago bokeh was really popular and I have some bokeh things to wear in SL that put dots all around me that I can change the color of. LOLOL. I have never tried to make bokeh with a camera in RL… but if done well in PS it can be nice.


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