Everyday is a School Day ~egirls and Second Life~

Ok so for me I think everyday is a school day. Or I am in the generation that is toooooo old to know this stuff. But hey I do my best at keeping up with the modern day society and internet knowledge. LOL. Todays topic is “egirls.”

The urban dictionary says…

egirldefinition 1: 
a girl on tiktok that wears an excessive amount of blush, hearts under their eyes, cute hair, watches anime and dresses kinda lolita.

definition 2: 
a girl that has a sick instagram feed, good/mediocre music taste, wears clips in their hair, has a cool room and probably watches the youtuber enjajaja.“have you seen her ig” 
“yeah she’s kindamy dream egirl”

The urban dictionary was ok but I first saw this on Youtube…

An egirl is an internet slut. A girl who tends to flirt with many online guys. Her world revolves around getting attention from professional gamers as well as guys who are extremely “ethirsty”. She may possibly send nudes or do anything else for these guys in order to seek their attention, including possibly spreading nutella all over her body. Calling a girl an “egirl” is an insult. You might as well be calling her a hoe who’s sub thirsty. *This Video Is Satirical* It’s just a prank bro!

Since egirls have to do with internet gamers and social media I started to think… what if this is being applied to Second Life. Do you know people who act like this in SL? Especially since many people consider SL to be a game. Me personally, I don’t consider SL to be a game, it’s more of an internet life hence the name Second Life.

What are your thoughts? We know there are internet hoes and gamers who act like hoes and SL residents who RP hoes…. lol. as a matter of fact I was called a hoe or I dressed like a hoe in my blog post “When is a Dress Code Taken Too Far? A Jazz Club in Second Life”

Do people aspire to be egirls? I had never heard of this term before today. Maybe I am showing my age.

A shiny experiment that I never shared until now. Played with shine on my body and head and then played in Photoshop to enhance the shine.

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