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Everything and everyone in Second Life is mesh now days. But I firmly believe one can still look amazing in a classic body. But you have to move with the times a little bit though. If you are a classic avatar you may want to invest in some Vista Bento Hands and some Slink Mesh feet at least. Then you can be bento with bento AOs and have the moving fingers and wear rings and nails, also be able to wear modern shoes. At this point you are good to go with being bento and as modern as you can be as a classic avatar. It still costs a little bit but is far more economical than having to spend 5,000 on a head and 3,500 or so on a mesh body then over a thousand for skins and appliers…. Yes you will be spending on skin appliers for your classic avi for hands and feet as well but the over all cost for a classic avi that is up to date is far less than going ALL MESH. Here are some older pictures of my classic avatar that had mesh hands and feet.

Beaded Crimson
Me in 2015 wearing Paris Metro Couture’s Beaded in Crimson

The Waves
The Waves, Paris Metro Couture.
Oh Hummingbird
Oh Hummingbird Paris Metro Couture… wait I may have been in a mesh body. No matter you can do this with mesh feet and mesh hands.
Puff Magic ~Bubblegum~
Puff Magic, Paris Metro Couture 2015. Mesh hands and feet.

So, if you are a classic mesh body you can still look AMAZING!! Here is what you need.. Vista Bento Mesh Hands, Slink Mesh Feet and nice skin… I suggest going to Belleza for your skin and joining the group and getting the gifts to start. Later if you want mesh they have the best mesh bodies unless you opt for Maitreya Lara which is nice too.

  • Vista for your Mesh Bento Hands and Bento AO.
  • Belleza Skins and Mesh Bodies. Join the group there are gifts.
  • Slink Mesh Feet, bodies and hands if you do hands get Bento.
Here is a funny video I made ages ago I forgot about. Have a laugh!!!

Ok so shopping for clothing… I suggest going to our Paris METRO Couture for all your needs!! All of Paris METRO Couture is for classic avatars  AND MESH BODIES!!!! Hover your mouse over the vendors to see what the options are. All are for classic avatars as well as mesh bodies! We will never over look classic avatars! You can look amazing!!! Be beautiful and be you in Paris METRO Couture!!

You can also shop in real life for Paris METRO Couture. Paris METRO Couture website
Treat Yourself!

~~~~~Paris METRO Couture’s Other Locations~~~~~
􀀁 Paris METRO Couture la Samaritaine Paris France

􀀂 Paris METRO Couture The Renaissance
􀀃 Tiki Rose by Paris METRO Couture
􀀄 Paris METRO Couture Gentlemans Store Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀅 Paris METRO Couture Life Love Shop Paris Eiffel Tower
􀀈 Paris METRO Art Gallery at The Pour
􀀇 Paris METRO Art Gallery 2

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  1. Olivia Honeyflower says:

    I thought you could only wear applier clothing with a classic avatar, but you have shown here flowing dresses and such. Is that mesh clothing on a classic avatar?

    But I agree.. there is a lot of snobbery with some people about mesh bodies and heads. I happen to have both but agree that it is not for everyone and you can absolutely look great with a classic head for example. I wrote a bit about this at the end of my latest post about upgrading to a mesh head https://liv4eva.home.blog/2019/03/04/mesh-head/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With the classic avatar you wear what is called system layers. The older fitmesh and fitted mesh that comes in different sizes xs-xl is what you wear on the classic avatar. You will then need to alter your body shape via the sliders in edit mode you get it to fit right. I always stayed with size medium and altered my body to fit that. You would also have to wear the alpha that came with it in the folder.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Olivia Honeyflower says:

        Oh, yes of course I have seen clothing with sizes supplied, but never had much luck with it. Sometimes it fits well but then when I sit down bits of my body show through. I suppose that’s where the supplied alpha is used – but of course you can’t wear that with a Maitreya body as you have to use the HUD alpha controls instead. I had not realized these clothes were made for classic avatars!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. YES those mesh sizes are for Classic Avatars!!! hahah!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Olivia Honeyflower says:

        Lol, good to learn. My excuse – I am only 7 months old and I got a mesh body within a few days of joining SL. I have no experience with using the system avatar really.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Olivia Honeyflower says:

    p.s. Yes! It was the classic av feet (particularly ankles) that were for me the least beautiful part, so using the Slink feet makes sense… and obviously you can also then buy a lot more shoes too 👠:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When Mesh body parts were first coming out all we had were Mesh hands and mesh feet. So we got appliers to match the skin to the hands and feet. All other clothing layers were system layers… soon we will have Baked On Mesh and we will be able to use those system layers again on Mesh bodies. But if you are a classic avatar you wear the system layers and regular mesh clothing in sizes of XS-XL and modify your shape and wear the alpha that come in the folder.

    Liked by 1 person

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