Thumbelina Reimagined in Second Life

A Reimagined Thumbelina. This was submitted to a real life gallery exhibit for consideration... It never hurt to try.
Please click it to see it larger. Not many people have seen this unless they were at my exhibit back in 2015. I want to share this with you since it was submitted for a real life gallery exhibit… Also you can view this on Flickr.

Thumbelina is exhausted after being made to dress up for the wedding. She is forced to marry the mole against her will and she is broken inside and dreams in her deep sleep of a better life where she has more control and is treated like the beautiful fairy child that she is. In Thumbelina’s dream there is beauty, whimsey and lots of love in a fairy world. She breathes and feels happy until she wakes up.

Is it possible that fairy tales could be derived from folk tales? Can they be similar? Since the beginning of time women have had many stories to tell about their hardships and still do. Fairy tales, folk tales, diaries, novels and even blogs, everyone has a story to tell….

By my dear friend Boris Twist!
WOW, I never realized that Zarrakan the Vlogger visited.. Thank you Zarrakan!

When I made that image of Thumbelina back in 2015 it was much harder to perfect an artwork. We did not have mesh bodies unless it was hands and feet. Doing closed eyes entailed getting special closed eyes kits, LOL. Luckily back then I knew a lot of photoshop to fix the edges of everything and fix all the SL animation mistakes. Also I was making my own windlights and perfecting mirrored water settings as well. This Thumbelina artwork is still by far the most time consuming tricky image I have ever ever made. I really hope you will click on it and view it much larger. 

~MagickThoughts FB Page~

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  1. great videos! And I love Thumbelina and all folk and fairy tales!! beautiful image as always Amanda!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cybele!!! It’s and old one but my hardest lol


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