Why have Facebook and Instagram both blocked this site?

My previous blog post was about my Thumbelina artwork I worked so hard on back in 2015. The artwork itself is totally rated G. There is nothing about it at all that would make Facebook flag it as inappropriate or spam. I have no idea how their algorithm got it.

NOTHING I do to get in contact with FB works. There is no direct place to file a ticket nor any option to contest their blocking. They even state that they have reviewed my posts and put them back up. This is not happening either because my posts are still gone and the site is still BLOCKED from both FB and Instagram.

On Instagram I cannot even click the heart to like anyone posts. My account is blocked from doing anything at all. Why is Instagram affected by a FB mistake?

I love Chris Crocker, all I wanted to do is click the heart…

The blog post I shared on FB was this one… and as you can see Thumbelina must be really a naughty rebel and going against FB community standards…

Thumbelina Reimagined in Second Life!

This blog site has NEVER been about inappropriate content nor has it ever been a SPAM problem. As for now I think all I can do is wait and see if they unblock it. I can only hope that Instagram will uncuff me as well. Why is it not possible to contact Facebook? Also, why is FB so strict at the moment to go so far as to think this site is harmful in any way? Was I reported a few times by other FB users? I cannot image that would be the case. How can FB then look at the blog and think it is a problem at all? Boggles my mind…. So until further notice you can follow me on Twitter LOL 

Magick Thoughts SL on Twitter!

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I am wearing Paris METRO Couture from a few years back in Second Life.

In real life you can shop for PMC as well! Beautiful Couture imagined in Second Life and brought to you in Real Life! Shop Paris METRO Couture

Free Magick Thoughts SL from Facebook and Instagram JAIL!!!!!!

Due to these circumstances please follow me on TWITTER!

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    This clever girl never ever had any of those anti-social networks, never was a member of that shit.
    /me’s feeling smug now. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well for no reason at all now I feel like I am toeing the line when it’s FB that is wrong not my blog.


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