Petty Second Life Residents Getting my Blog Blocked on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram…

Well congratulations to whomever reported my blog to FB so many times that it is now blocked. It’s pretty sad when people have to get so petty that they feel the need step on my free speech. My blog is not anywhere near going against FB community standards. The blog is totally rated G. Last I checked FB would not take down a post without contacting the poster first. But somehow and I don’t know how they did it…. they got my blog totally blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

My Second Life blog has no profanity, no killing, no death, no nudity, no abuse of any kind, no socially unacceptable topics, no nothing that I can even think of…. but somehow, someone or some people felt the need to report my site so many times that FB has totally blocked it on FB, Messenger, and Instagram and I am sure as well as WhatsApp and anything else they own as well.

Little do these people know that I don’t need FB for my exposure. My blog runs itself without their meager help making me famous. YES YOU ARE MAKING ME FAMOUS! Thank you soooooooo much for your hard work in getting me blocked and now even more exposure! Blogging is what I do. It’s my passtime for 20 years. Your petty whining does nothing to me on FB. Yes it’s mildly annoying…. and I will be getting it lifted just so you know.

Feel better now?

Here is my proof that my blog has been reported. I had friend post my blog to FB and this box came up. FB has never told me why my site was blocked ever, only that it violates community standards. Which it doesn’t by the way. Now I know some petty person or people…. had nothing better to do.

Anyway, my blog runs itself… so getting me blocked from FB… does nothing other than annoy me. Good Job.

Hey all, if you don’t mind…. why don’t you take the time to share my blog on FB and when a box comes up or you get a notification, tell them this site is safe and they made a mistake. They make it very hard to contact them to file a report. Then the reports are never seen and done anything about unless you are reporting some horridly awful. So somehow people have convinced FB that my blog is in the same category as killing, death, abuse and all those other really horrific things. If by chance you know how to file a report or know someone who works for FB, please if you can pass this site to them so they can reconsider the blocking. Thank You so much.

I value my readers. I blog what I want, when I want. Free speech is my right. I hold dear what my followers have to say and am always sharing content that I think you will want to read. I would never report others to FB as being against community standards especially as to go so far as to repeatedly do it just in order to “get back at them.’

To whomever did this to me, THAT IS PETTY and you should be above that.

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  1. Amanda, Is there a contact point that we might use to attest that your blog is not abusive and request a follow up review as to the quality of your work and its content? I don’t always review your blog in all honesty. But, when I do, I have seen very little that seems of any nature than family enough friendly, a free expression of opinion certainly but never even brashly put. I for one would like to advocate in your favor. We haven’t talked in ages in SL and, of course, I only have your side of what’s going on here. But, it seems unfair. I would like to voice my opinion as such to the powers that be. I am against censorship when it derives from the malicious intent of those who might just be jealous and do indeed appear to be petty in sabotaging your right to speak your mind and share what you wish within community standards. Let me know please if there is anything at all I and others may be able to do to help here. I mean this sincerely, Mahalo and aloha, Michael

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    1. Well, I am so glad you responded here. 🌸 it seems to me to be totally automated and no real people blocking me at FB. Had it been real people they would have taken a look and said my site is fine. So far there is no way deal with this through FB. I have tried everything I know and a trick up my sleeve. Message me on FB…. All of you and I will tell you what to do next to get FB’s attention to review it again. I am not even certain it will work. Again…. Thank you.❤️

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  2. pariszsun says:

    There has to be a way to clear this up, it is very clear that someone maliciously reported you and FB participated. They need to review and block the perpetrators. There is nothing in your blogs that are worthy of blocking, I am certain.

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  3. Orca Flotta says:

    Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:

    Amanda Magick is being blocked on Facebook. For apparently no reason. :/ While that is a bad thing it also proves me kinda right in my opinion to never ever join any of those antisocial networks Nothing good will come from doing bizniz with and trusting assclowns like Zuckerberg.

    Can I burst into a loud and triumphant “TOLD YA SO!” now?

    Anyhoo, I guess the best way to support Amanda now is to flock to her blog en masse and subscribble to her.

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  4. love your blog posts Amanda!! you will prevail!


    1. Thanks…. it’s a waiting game and frankly I am bored waiting and have no faith that they will unblock me at all. People were cruel to report me for no good reason so many times. Goes to show people are petty asshats and jealous ho-nut busted cans of biscuits.

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