The Looking Glass in Second Life

As I was Saturday Sale Shopping….. I was sidetracked by the dreamy, otherworldly sim called The Looking Glass.

Don’t worry I am not letting my blog banning from FB get me down. It’s a waiting game at this point for FB to unblock it. Jealous people really did a number on me with Facebook. But I don’t care anymore. This tells me that my site has reach and people read it. This tells me that my blog is in fact a good one that thousands of people from Second Life actually read and follow.

The Looking Glass
Please click the image to see it full size! You will need to do this with all the images.

This sim has been around forever and really you need some time to see it all. I have bought many things here for our home sim and can’t recommend it enough. If you are not in the Saturday Sale group here is the group key. Please copy and paste into your chat window and join it. So many designers and builders are involved you just can’t miss being in it. Saturday Sale Group Key: secondlife:///app/group/2a09cdc7-9f67-6274-fe82-a0a522f9be2b/about

Every Saturday there is a notecard for you to grab and go shopping and you can view the vendor pictures at home if you like and only go to the places you wish to 🙂 

The beginnings of my wander around.
Camera tricks in Firestorm to give you a nice angle of the building prowess.

Have fun exploring Second Life!!! Nothing gets me down I am still blogging…. Blocked or not blocked. 

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  1. wonderful pics and post. Hang in there! I will have to go see that sim!


    1. Thank you! I had to get out and about and The looking Glass is amazing!!

      Liked by 1 person

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