PURPLEMOON In Second Life is Closing

I am going to share PURPLEMOON’S blog with you. She has been around since 2009 creating. There comes a time in our lives when real life does need to take over. Second Life is amazing for all of us but we all know what is important at the end of the day or years….. I remember years ago when I first started to wear mesh clothes back in the beginning when mesh was new. Remember the sizes XS-XL? We had to alter our body shapes to fit them, then fitted mesh came the liquid mesh that moved with our body and fit so nice? Well PURPLEMOON was at the top of her game. Keeping that height for so long…

She will be missed but real life is real life…. she must go live it with her family. I can understand that for sure. She is putting her items in her store for 50L for the next month then closing shop. Second Life will miss her….. but you never know in the future…. later….. what if…. what if…. she comes back? I can dream….

PURPLEMOON Main Store Landmark


Note: If you are classic body avatar there are many beautiful outfits there for you! Her whole store the CLASSIC and mesh body fashions are 50L!

Please read the blog and go to the store…..

at PURPLEMOON in Second Life

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  1. I used to play 2nd life, I never really knew anyone in real life who did other then myself! I didn’t even know that it still exist… I can never remember my old logins!

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