The SL Blog Sharing Group ~ You are Invited to Join! ~

Are you an SL Blogger who is proud of what you do? Are you looking for a place to share your blog posts with chat and input from other readers and followers? It doesn’t matter what sort of blogger you are… fashion, literary, Second Life travels… you name it… you CAN post your blog links in this group in world and in the Facebook group.

Arreba and I found a niche, a need for this in world. There are blogging groups in world but there is a lack of groups for sharing your blog posts in group chat. If you don’t mind an active group forming such as this with people posting to group chat and you want to visit other blogs and follow and have them all follow you as well, THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU.

This is your blogging group!

Don’t delay! Join this group TODAY!!!

Copy and paste this group key into your local chat in world and the group will come up for you to click.  secondlife:///app/group/394f1e7a-584e-4aea-9f29-0fcf46e5ea0d/about

Also here is the Facebook Group. The SL Blog Sharing Group

A group dedicated to sharing blog posts from various websites and publications. Once a blog is posted, SL Blog Share encourages discussion and feedback amongst its group members. We believe that writing and discussion go hand in hand in better understanding a writer’s topic, so If you are a blogger and want to promote your writings, this group is for you. Fashion, Literary…you name it, all SL Bloggers are encouraged to join….

If you are a “Flickr Blogger” this is also for you. But we highly encourage you to start an actual blog if you wish to. You can get chat pointers and help here too! WordPress is our favorite! So don’t be shy, join us on FB and in world for your blogging love. Even though I love WordPress all other blogging platforms are awesome as well. I have been blogging on all platforms I can get my hands on for at least 20 years. Can you say I love blogging? LOL


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