Facebook Page Invite Outrage Among Second Life Users

The outrage I see on Facebook from many is that they are getting lots of page invites. Some people don’t mind them myself included but some people are feeling seriously hostile about it. I will tell you why there are lots of invites coming to you.

What has happened with WordPress is that they no longer publicize to your news feed or profile. It has changed to only publicizing your blog to your Page since last August 2018. You can read all about it here from the wordpress blog. So people in SL and IMVU are starting to make Pages for their avatar so that they can feed their blogs there.

Another thing that has caused virtual world users to create pages is the fact that Facebook only wants us all to use our REAL NAMES. Facebook prefers our avatar names to be put in the “nickname” field of our FB profile and they did tell me way back when that I could make a Page for my avatar name. They don’t mind what we call our Pages. So this is why Second Life and IMVU users are making Pages and inviting their whole lists.

A Lot of people are feeling hostile about this and starting to complain on facebook about it. All I can do is shake my head and wonder why they are on Facebook anyway if they don’t really want to network. Why be in a social setting like this if you are going to be totally antisocial? One major problem with the upset is that there are many who don’t realize that there is difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group.

In Facebook Groups people add you them. It’s a way for THEM to organize their friends in one spot to talk about certain things. They drop you into them and then your notifications tell you that they invited you but what happened is that they added you. That right there is a major Facebook MISTAKE-oopsy. Needs to be fixed.

Facebook Pages are where people INVITE you to like the page and follow it. It is an actual INVITE. You can choose to accept it or ignore it your choice. So as you can see when Facebook changed the publicize feature to share to only Pages that was a major upset for me. My facebook reach for my blog went from 2k down to 150. F YOU FB and WP!!! So now my dilemma is growing the Page. It is the same for many many other bloggers as well.

Growing my Page ever since then has been extremely HARD. People are dismissive and hostile. They totally ignore the invite or they bitch about it in a status update causing even more drama. Meanwhile they may be the same ones just dropping me into their Facebook Groups. grrrrr. Some people go as far as to delete others who invite them to their Pages which I think is petty and self-righteous. It’s an invite folks… I mean really.

So, there is an influx now of people making Pages and sending out invites. It is an invite folks and not an add. Relax and enjoy your Facebook time. Be less hostile to others and it’s no skin off your back to like their Pages either. It does not clutter up the news feed nor does it chop off your arm. Be kind and click LIKE!!! It’s social networking and growing your reach. It’s making friends and making yourself heard too.

It’s your choice to accept a Page invite. I surely hope you will. Here is my Facebook Page. I truly hope you will like it. I love to blog and have been telling it like it is since 2004.

~MagickThoughts FB Page~


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  1. I like all pages that I’m invited to like and hope people will like mine. You may not visit every page that much but some I do check in on frequently as I hope some will for me. Plus it’s a way of getting your art known as well. I’m with you on this!!

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    1. I look at it as networking. So I make popcorn and watch others get all bent out of shape about their friend requests and then page invites… I honestly don’t know what all the drama is about.

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  2. Julie Marcus says:

    WIPLY accepts both virtual and real profiles. So if you want, you can have your own avatar page – it doesn’t matter which world or game you play. https://wiply.net/

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