HAPPY EASTER!! Visiting Linden Labs Premium Neighborhoods, New Homes.

Enjoying Easter weekend in the Linden Labs new premium neighborhoods. I know the houses are all spoken for now but there are more being put up so don’t worry!

Found an old Boudior bike in my inventory lol
My Christmas and Easter getup atm!!!

All the new LL homes were taken pretty quick! But never fear more are on the way. You get 1024 size land and the home as well as 351 prims. Never fear YES YOU CAN decorate your home with that! Mine is amazing. I will do a separate blog post for that. This one is to enjoy the land and neighborhoods!

Some people are decorating really well!!!

Look at this one! Greenhouse and pool!
There are some serious up and down roads LOL
It’s really a nice area and more to come too!
I got a nice wearable bike at What Next. You can use wearable vehicles to cruise the neighborhoods.

HAPPY EASTER to all my readers. I really hope you have a nice one!!

Made it to the beach. 🙂

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