New LL Home Decorated with Less Than 351 prims! Second Life Personal Challenge

I waited a little bit to get my new LL home. I turned in my old premium home and then went in via the Second Life website and claimed my new Linden Lab home with a 1024 plot of land. The new Main Land is very nice with up and down roads sprinkled with new quaint, classy little mesh homes. Each one has a button on the inside of the door to change the walls, roof, floor and exterior textures.

Myself as well as others have made a personal challenge of decorating the home with the 351 prims allotted. I have done it with less including the outside. I still am not finished with adding art to the walls but I have taken some pictures for you to see. YES! IT CAN BE DONE! Make sure to use modern decor and I have listed all the creators I have used here at the bottom. It truly is amazing what you can do. These lovely modern day creators are making low prim mesh and so this was very easy for me to do. Much of it I had already from Deco Crate and Luxe Box purchases.

By all means visit these stores in world or the marketplace. I have used 324 prims and still have 27 prims left lol.

Welcome to my LL home.
The foyer
Kitchen This is the kitchen made for Scarlet Creatives Magicae house. I unlinked it and put it together smaller to fit here.
Kitchen This Sunday Table was in one of the Luxe Boxes.
Bedroom Window Frame bed from one of the Luxe Boxes.
Balcony. Come see where this patio set was from I don’t remember at the moment.

As you can see I have mostly decorated every area and I still need to work on the bedroom and stairway. Some art and mirrors and I will have used up the 351 prims with ease. All the clutter and nick knacks I can take up or change out… this was a great test in decorating and 351 prims are plenty as long as you don’t have zoobie babies or breedable pets or roses. Thank You so much Linden Labs for giving Premium Members such a lovely new home!!

Please feel free to come and visit my home. I think all of this new premium land is open access and I have left my home open for now. So come and see and grab any shopping info you need if you like things!! LM: Amanda’s LL Home at Willoughby

This is a nice long list of creators some older and many more modern. Have fun searching and decorating!!

The SL New Linden Home Info You NEED!!!!

~MagickThoughts FB Page~

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  1. The chair and table set remind me of a set I got from What Next for FLF. I’m so jealous that you were able to upgrade to one of the new houses! 🙂 You’ve done a great job decorating it!!

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    1. I think you are right 🙂 I was too lazy to log back in and click it to see 🙂

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  2. Moz Loordes says:

    You’ve done a fantastic decorating job on the new home, my friend! Well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Moz 🙂 I am not much of a decorator so this really was a challenge for me for sure!


  3. Looks great, I have that same coffee table! At first I didn’t think I wanted a new Linden home, so I let these slip away … now I wish I’d grabbed one! I keep refreshing the SL land page in case one turns up.

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