Second Life Maintenance Days, My Kitchen is Clean! Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Back on the 8th of May the notice was going around FB that Second Life will be doing maintenance from the 13- 16th or so.

I yanked this from Kimberley Kennedy’s post on FB.

But alas many people don’t read. Hey I am too tired to read today since I am sick with a terrible sore throat and should not even sit here. Anyway… SL is flakey and up and down for a few days. Although I must say the drama on FB posts is amazing. S. O. S. the world is coming to an end because so and so can’t log in. Other commenters to said posts are bashing others about having no RL or neglecting RL. Telling them to get up go outside for christ’s sake. LOL. It’s sunny and 70F for me today but I need to lay down instead. Anyway the drama on FB is real LOL.

People yelling about “You don’t know me! I work 4 jobs in SL that make me money in RL….. I don’t neglect my kids… don’t tell me to get a life!”…. blah blah blah (Shakes my head). There are always people who feel the need to put others down. I agree about the fact that you don’t know me… don’t comment to me on what to do with my day. LOL. People can’t help themselves can they? They are precisely the ones sitting at the computer all day as well regardless of what they are doing. Maybe it’s not SL maybe it’s Facebook all day or Tweeting like Trump… LOL

All I can say is that I am not airing my dirty kitchen. See? My kitchen is CLEAN!! This is my new LL Home’s kitchen. Sparkling.

Dining set is from Tarte. The kitchen is from Hive, plants What Next, picture frames are from Tuesdays. Come visit the Premium Land and see my house, grab where to get things too!

As you can see the new continent is coming along just fine with friendly neighborhood Linden Doozers working hard!

World Map of the new premium land Belliseria

When you get to my LL home there is a sign on the edge of my yard to join the new Bellisseria Group. Lots of chat in there and people organising get togethers as well as Linden Doozers yacking too. Remember the Doozers from Fraggle Rock? I made up Linden Doozer they aren’t really called that LOL.

Here is my LM at Willoughby.

If you have a wearable bike or car you can sim hop looking around. To the east there is a new area being made that’s all boathouses. Check out the world map.

So with all the pots and pans being banged on…. Second Life is flakey and up and down until Thursday. Don’t Panic. You remembered your towel right? (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference). If you have not read that, it still makes my face hurt from giggling when I read it.

The old radio show it is in two parts and this is part one.

~MagickThoughts FB Page~

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  1. Moz Loordes says:

    It wasn’t too bad in the end, I lost a few notecards from Inventory but nothing I couldn’t get a hold of. So sorry to hear you’re ill, my friend, there’s a nasty chest infection thing going around all over, unfortunately. In the UK we’ve been swearing by Fisherman’s Friends lozenges.

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    1. Thanks Moz This is the stressful part of my year. The end of the school year and clearing up… stress everywhere i look lol. As for SL, I think I have made it through the changes without noticing anything missing.

      Liked by 1 person

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