Premium Home Goodies ~Second Life~ Click your mailbox

I got my premium home by luck just a day or 2 before they were gone. I never knew I could click the mailbox!!! No one told me. This mailbox is very important. I almost bought fencing. NO NEED TO. It’s in the LH- Traditional Content Creation Pack that you can select from the menu. That folder is full of great things!

When you click the mailbox you will see this…. you can pick which house you want rezzed. I decorated the Winchester but I can still click these and see them and decide what I want. The decor will be a mess right now unless I put it back on Winchester though. Maybe I will take up all decor and decorate a different house.. hehehe.

Linden Labs.. I Love You!!! These homes are so much more than I ever thought with so much possibility! Never fear all….. more homes are coming as well as boathouses! Don’t forget to click your mailbox and join the Belliseria group for chat get togethers and general premium home help questions and answers. The people are great and the Linden Moles are hard at work.

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    “more homes are coming as well as boathouses!”

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