Bellisseria Community in Second Life

Remember the old days of SL when the premium members land was like a community? The days when you could log in to your LL home and there were actually people online nearby who wanted to socialize? Me either.

Since Linden Lab has started making the new land available to premium members with lovely houses and boathouses, premium members have brought back the community feeling of old. Members have made many hang out spots and the Linden Moles have made rezzing spots for building as well. There are areas to visit like little cafes, pubs, galleries and gaming spots like cards against humanity, chess and the like. Places for all to relax and socialize are what the community are creating. (Take note: No renting out property or making L… thats against TOS!)

When visiting the new premium land look at the map and you will see many green dots of members enjoying their new abodes.

There is also a Bellisseria newspaper called The Bellisserian. I highly recommend clicking that link to see all the site has to offer for news and goings on around the area. As well as the newspaper the Bellisseria Group (key for your chat window: secondlife:///app/group/f7b0c9d9-ab6d-30d1-e37f-52b2bb132074/about) has constant chat and meetups 🙂

Just be patient for the Linden Moles to have more ready if you have not gotten your new premium place yet. More is coming and more options as well!

There are many sites that look like this.
I get lost going for bike rides. The new mainland is stunning!

Once again here is the The Bellisserian Newspaper! Enjoy Second Life!

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  1. I like the idea of community but I keep going back and forth over I’d want one of the new houses. I guess I’m a minimalist at heart, at least in the virtual world.

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  2. I look forward to when I can get one of the homes and get to socialize. I’m not much for going to clubs or the like, so I love the idea of what LL is cultivating. Plus, the “ghetto” is really feeling like one now. Lol

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