Cybele Moon at The Monocle Gallery

Have you ever experienced Cybele’s art and storytelling? No? She is everywhere these days and right now there is an exhibit at The Monocle Gallery.

She blends real life travels with Second Life creating dreamy worlds you don’t want to miss. If you don’t see her work now … you will later. But I suggest going to see work her now 🙂

The Story Tellers Page on FB



She is still at Paris Metro Art Gallery!!!!~ Please go there too! (LM)

My most favorite artwork at the moment is this one….. The Bonny Black Hare.

I am going to hang this one in my new LL home along with the hare Rose drew.

Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo) aka the Dune Mouse, “not always here and never all there” at some point began a journey of storytelling and imagery inspired by many wonderful places both real, virtual and imagined.

“My work ranges from landscapes to portraits , old stones and shadows hidden and magic things, tea by the oasis, falling in the garden, and from dreams full of haunted woodlands and enchanted children. ” ~Cybele

Cybele’s work is haunting and emotional” – Inara Pey

Cybele can be found at an outdoor gallery ( and cavern) on Savor Serenity

or in “Paris” with the “Waifs”

Once again, here is the LM to The Monocle Gallery! Please go!

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  1. a beautiful endorsement from another artist! I’m so grateful for your support!!

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