Fencing for my Premium LL Home in Second Life

I had 33 prims left and thought I needed a fence. Searching the MP was no help everything was old and primmy. So I asked in the Bellisseria group chat and I was told about Teegle.

Teegle has made a fencing set specifically for the new premium houses. You can rez the pieces, alter them and link them. Then you can edit the height and the color if you wish to and link them together for very low prims. I fenced 3 sides of my land and linked them together for 6 LI. Yeah you saw that right…. 6 land impact.

Teegle fencing

Here is the MP link for Teegles Bellisseria Picket Fence.

I am still under my prim limit by the way…. This is fun decorating and I am not finished yet. If you want to come see inside and outside my house here is the LM. I left this one and got the new Victorian.

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  1. I had this exact same experience w/ my partner this weekend — he needed low-LI fencing and I suggested the Teegle version. Teegle to the rescue!

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