Show Off Your Home and Garden in Bellisseria. Second Life

I was looking around the Second Life forums about Bellisseria. There is a thread for showing off your new linden homes and gardens. Find it here. Everyone is doing a fantastic job and the forums are a great area for gathering information and enjoying the topics discussed. I posted these pictures of the outside of my home there in that thread I just shared with you.

But for my blog I will put them here as well. Please click these images to see them larger!

I have had great fun decorating and I am likely to change it up again later 🙂 I linked the grass together for lower prims as well as the fence pieces all those were linked together into only 6 li and grasses are all linked to be 12 li. Not too bad 🙂

The grasses I got at Two Moons Gardens. They are animated.

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