Belleza and Slink Shopping List

For Belleza and Slink ladies I am sharing this blog of places to shop. I would also like to add right here that Paris Metro Couture has designed for Belleza Slink Maitreya and appliers as well for all as well as Omega. I know we are all looking for lovely formal wear and casual wear. PMC is tops for formal wear.

Rose has been so very busy in real life lately but lets all send her hugs for good luck and nice resting time too. Maybe sometime soon she will have a little time come in to SL…. meditates… ooooommmmmmmmmm…….

Paris Metro Couture

So MANY thank yous to The Shameless Shopper Blog for sharing this extensive list she made!!!

the Shameless Shopper

Below is a list of stores that have made sizes for the Slink and Belleza bodies in recent months. Keep in mind that some stores on this list may provide only a handful of items fitted for the bodies they’re listed under because I wanted to provide as many options as possible.

Also, please note that some flickr pages linked below may contain  images that are nsfw.

If you notice any errors or you’d like to suggest stores to be added to the list, feel free to leave them in the comments or message me in world @ LadyEllenT.

Jump to Apparel – Slink
Jump to footwear- Belleza
Jump to footwear- Slink

Apparel – Belleza
1 Hundred (F) (I) (V) marketplace :: main store :: flickr
1313 Mockingbird Lane (F) marketplace :: main store :: flickr
Addams (F) (I) (V) marketplace :: main store :: flickr
AMERICAN BAZAAR (F) marketplace

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