My Thoughts on a Blog Called Goodbye Misery

First of all after reading the blog Goodbye Misery by Exis on her blog Existence, I can relate to what she is saying. At first I wanted to Reblog her post and thought for a second then thought no, maybe I want to Press This instead. But I feel strongly about her topic and feel like I will write my own post and link back to her blog. I think all bloggers need to read this since it’s about stress, workload, real life time spent and Second Life time spent. It’s about a bloggers happiness and mental stability as well as what all of SL and Facebook friends expect of them. The blog is about bloggers me and you and how we may feel as well as being herded like cattle.

Yes this is about how we feel and how much work we have to do out of the kindness of our hearts as a hobby and as a job in Second Life. Not only do bloggers get overwhelmed and dragged through the dirt but in spite of it all…. we blog for pleasure. I blog because I love to. Through the years the past 6 or so, I have learned a lot of Photoshop and put much time into my art and my snapshots for Second Life. See right here.

Exis talks about how she loves blogging and was wondering why she was feeling the way she was ……. very stressed and needing to step away. Why? She figured it out.

Blogotex. The stress of Blogotex will get to you… I have my own thoughts on the matter, but read her blog on what was happening to her in Goodbye Misery.

I have always been of the opinion that Blogotex is a good tool/toy for blogger managers. But, from what I see on facebook from some designers and managers is that they are upset with bloggers for not keeping up and blogging everything or not working at all up to their standards.

Yes there are bad bloggers who don’t work out… quietly let them go and move on. But as far as I can tell the Blogotex system creates anxiety with deadlines and timed posting with many releases and events to blog for. It’s the kind of stress you get in real life and now through the Blogotex system Second Life is being turned into the same thing. I don’t come into Second Life for that. I do not want a blogging system stressing me out and on top of that having blogging managers slamming me on FB as well. The Blogotex system is too much like a real life job and many of us bloggers do our thing for relaxation and fun.

I have been approached by a few designers to blog for them and to let them know through the Blogotex. I was over the moon that they would love my style on Flickr. But I had a sit down and thought… I opened an application that was through Blogotex… then changed my mind. I said to myself…. “it’s Blogotex… I can’t be behind that.”

With this platform I would not be a blogger anymore or an artist. I would be a worker in a list of workers being scrutinised and timed and threatened about deadlines. I would feel like I were stealing the items if I weren’t blogging them fast enough. I would be a mere number and given a grade…. This is not the life I want to live not in SL nor in RL. This Blogotex system is not for me. I know I have my opinion and everyone who knows me knows I tell it like it is and I am a loudmouth liberal snowflake collecting snowflakes. I keep my friends close and I look out for you and me. I know that for me a system that works like that would make me not want to participate for very long. Fooooey I say!

These are my thoughts about something I feel strongly about. No, I have never blogged for anyone and used Blogotex. You can wrangle bloggers like cattle…. or you could not use that platform and treat us all like human beings. Is it possible to use Blogotex and treat all bloggers kindly? I am not chancing it. I have anxiety already…. Blogging is MY pleasure and being informative and kind is what I do. I might bark up a storm now and then but I know many of you agree with me lol.

Blogotex might be for some people but me personally I will do without the anxiety and dread…

Are there happy stories about Blogotex?…. Do tell me for sure.

Look at the features at the bottom of the Blogotex Page. (The VIP Blogger title looks better and less stress). The little blurb there for Shape Your Team, Posts Processing, Flexible Deadline and Inworld Notifications…. thats a recipe I don’t want to eat personally… 


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  1. I’ll tell you about a recent blogtex experience later.
    I really valued it until it happened and now I see how detached it is and yep takes away the joy of what we do. Pressures in SL in blogging are not even less than reality. They are more!!
    The reality is that the little 7 day pressure note and then the subsequent little rejection of blog button in blogtex is in my opinion not a good thing. Especially where there are language barriers etc. I’ll explain when I see you

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    1. Just a few little things like that and it all adds up to stress and anxiety….. ❤ then it time to shake it off.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol good choice of song!!!
        I’ll sing that next time I feel the need lol

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