Blogotex – the big bad wolf in Second Life blogging…or is it?

I am reblogging this because it is a great response from a blogging manager and how they like Blogotex ❤ I wanted to see the other side of the coin and here it is. I think what it all boils down to is that bloggers are taking on too much work and can’t keep up. Maybe now when people are looking at applicants they will look more at how many sponsors a blogger already has before giving them the job. Maybe give the little guy a chance….. hmmm we will see.

Less work is better work. Bloggers can put more time into their blogs and pictures and relax and make blogging what it is supposed to be…. FUN!
— amandamagick

Moni's World

I have been sitting on this topic for a while…watching while one person after the other talks about the downside of a blogger management tool called Blogotex. How it stifles creativity, how it tempts bloggers to take more items than what they can blog, how it’s anti-social, and so on. There are content creators who need help with managing their brand, and they believe tools such as Blogotex help them a great deal.

What is Blogotex? According to their inworld information, “BLOGOTEX is a Web / SecondLife based solution that takes creator<–>managers<–>bloggers cooperation to whole new level by providing an environment, automation and functionality to ease the whole process and make it time efficient.”

I’ll start this discussion by talking about my experiences with Blogotex, then address concerns people have with it. And then, give my opinions on them all.

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