Burned in Virtual Secrets This Week – Second Life Anonymous Memes

Every Sunday morning I have my big mug of coffee and see the new post on my FB timeline. I don’t know why I enjoy drinking my coffee and looking through that, maybe it’s like seeing what people are up to. I know it’s all negative, I know people don’t like it. But you tell me that these same people don’t look at it every Sunday morning as well. I think it’s human nature and our desire to see things and then defend what we disagree with. I don’t know.

In the past I have confused people in the comments and had them think I was someone else or who the meme was meant for… that was sort of fun, but usually I just look at them and drink my coffee.

This morning I was surprised to see a meme that very well could have been made by me but it wasn’t me. Maybe they were hoping people would think it was me… hmmmm rubs my chin. No maybe not that is thinking into it toooo far because this meme was right on!!! Someone else was sick and tired and got spiteful. I am not alone in what I think for sure.

I did not make this number 11 in week 565.

It was bound to happen and probably has in the past but I just didn’t see. Anyway you take a look for yourself.

As this strikes a chord with me you may remember in the recent past I had a blog post about this very same thing. Click and see and you will know why that post got so much attention. Yes the whole idea behind anonymous memes is in general a negative thing and upsets many but… there are many people I know who look and wait to see if anyone gets them on there. It’s like a branding of popularity or a monumental achievement in the SL world LOL.

The one thing that is bad is that some people are targeted far too much by a spiteful mean petty individual and we all get tired of that too. Some people have tried to get Virtual Secrets aka SL Secrets taken down. But I don’t think it will happen.

There was a good serious BURN this week and I wanted to talk about that without actually talking about it again. After all I have a reputation to uphold LOLOL. I do most often tell it like it is keeping it real in Second Life 🙂

Keeping it real and telling it like it is.

By the way….. FYI if anyone sees this from that site…. I would like to mention that making the image link clickable is easy! See here…. look down the side a bit and you will see when you add the image there is a Link Settings Section with a little toggle button to (open the image in a new tab) then (Link To-Media File) –WE NEED THAT– in order to see the images LARGER in order to read them.


Anyway have fun drinking your coffee and reading SL Rags!!! Also…….

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  1. haha Amanda, my sl life is so bloody boring! Why do you get all the fun! Come one you wrote it!! I like it! :p

    Liked by 1 person

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