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  1. I’m not sure why all these people threaten to leave and then clearly don’t!
    Sansar has nothing to do with linden lab tightening up. They simply have to in order to meet regulations first and foremost and then costs.
    I remember when I first joined second life, it was pretty normal to provide your identification. Given thousands upon thousands of dollars are being made and then withdrawn they have to comply with financial regs and yes they have to comply with ensuring money laundering etc is not happening.
    Let’s face it I’m pretty sure a large amount of people do not declare their incomes from the platform to the tax man! Well it’s about time they consider that frankly they should. It’s unfair that Linden lab has to sugar coat anything and then mutiny suddenly ensues amongst the masses.
    People jump up and down screaming about the Linden Lab changes yet they haven’t read the documents or actually the TOS they signed up to. I’ve seen such vitriolic comments in my news feed led by merchants which I feel is disingenuous and people who follow them become embroiled in the protest, but they don’t actually know what they are protesting.
    Amanda good article!

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    1. oohhhh money laundering is a very good point… and lets be honest now. Do people claim their income from SL for their taxes??? Lets think about that…

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      1. Lol hmm I’ve come across quite a few businesses in Second Life where they explain how they avoid the tax man!!! Hmmm lol

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  2. Inara Pey says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. Honestly, a lot of the screaming seems to be “shout first, comprehend later.” It also appears as if people are now only reading terms that have, in many respects, been a part of the Linden Lab core (and before that, the Second Life) Terms of Service, and suddenly feeling a lopsided sense of outrage.

    But then, we had this back in 2013, when the Lab re-framed the Second Life Terms of Service, and a lot of people got extremely bent out of shape over clauses in the TOS that had always been in place, and actually needed to be there in order for Second Life to actually work.

    Which is not to say that there weren’t assorted concerns about the TOS changes back then (or with this change) that are relevant and need clarification; it’s just the those more – valid, I guess – concerns got drowned out in all the shouting.

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    1. people freak the hell out for awhile without reading and understanding. Then it dies down but yeah…. it’s all due to not understanding and realising things have been in place already or some changes are for the better. Thanks for replying here. I know my blog posts are just to open people eyes or bitch about things sometimes. But I talk about stuff here that would take up too much of FB.

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    2. Totally agree. I wish however merchants wouldn’t incite the consumer like they do. My feed is all led by merchant vitriol’s and it’s such a shame as it doesn’t allow for people to read themselves and absorb the information. That’s when the secret whispers of no fact starts. Inara you are wisdom personified. Shame people are reactive and not more objective.

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      1. I agree and people get led the wrong way and misinformed because the merchants didn’t read it all first. It’s a terrible cycle.

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