LEA Linden Endowment For the Arts is Closing in Second Life

I had no idea that LEA is not part of the actual Linden Staff and is actually run by some hard working Art lovers of SL as The Linden Endowment For The Arts Committee. They are stepping down so LL can revamp it or do something new? I just can’t believe it is closing. I got this information from the Facebook Group – Linden Endowment For The Arts FB Group. Here is the Post by Joanna Balogh.

I am still looking for concrete info by Linden Lab in forums or on the Second Life Website with no avail. When I get it I will add it to this blog. I have enjoyed the LEA sims for years as the blogger for all of the lovely builds by Tahiti Rae such as Love Henry, Evre, The Gates of Oria, and The White Cliffs of Dover. Use the search field on my blog to find all of those posts. I truly hope and pray that LEA will come back or come back as something else since I know the Linden Lab staff LOVE the Art Community in Second Life.

The Committee of the Linden Endowment for the Arts regrets to inform residents of Second Life that the LEA regions will be closing at the end of August 2019.
In November 2018, the Committee decided that the best way forward was for the members to step down, and allow Linden Lab to revamp or re-organise the program, with new members if they wished. At that time, the bi-annual Land Grant (the AIR regions) were shuttered. A small number of the Committee stayed on to administer the Core regions until the remaining grant commitments ran their course. Those grants are now coming to an end, and therefore the LEA will be closed at the end of August 2019
The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was established to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life. It was founded in 2010 and launched its first events in 2011. For the last eight years, it has been a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community. Guided initially by a board of renowned Second Life artists and more latterly also bringing in people with a strong interest in promoting the Arts in Second Life, the LEA has been committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. Over the last eight years, through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA has fostered awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encouraged others to get involved and be inspired.
It has long been divided into two parts; The Core Regions and the Artists in Resident Regions.
The LEA Land Grant (the AIR Regions) was a program to distribute 20 regions (LEA10 – LEA29) generously donated by Linden Lab. These regions were used to promote art and artistic endeavors in Second Life. Full regions of virtual land were made available to in-world artists through an application process. The AiR Land Grant was a 6 month grant.
The LEA Land Grant was shuttered by Linden Lab in January 2019 at the request of the LEA Committee, pending decisions on the future of the LEA.
The Core regions (LEA1- LEA9) hosted a variety of artistic events and installations for a three month period. The Core regions included a Welcome Area, a four region theatre, a sandbox for artists, and partial and full regions that could be used for the three month period, with a great emphasis on community art events.
This program will be closing at the end of August when all the regions will be shuttered by Linden Lab at the request of the Committee.
The Committee wishes to express its gratitude and deep respect for the artists of Second Life, whose work they have been privileged to support over the last eight years. We hope that in time Linden Lab will be able to create a new program that will continue their support of the arts in Second Life.
Any questions concerning the Linden Endowment for the Arts should be addressed to PatriciaAnne Daviau or JMB Balogh.
The Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:

    Ouch, what a sad development Amamda Magick reports about. The LEA sims will be closed by the end of August??? That’s really bad , as those sims were an easily accessible way to enjoy some art even for barbarians like Orca.
    Read all about it in Amanda’s blog …

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    1. thank you for sharing this Orca. This is a majorly sad thing for Second Life to have happen.


    1. I will leave your link here but I don’t think you single handedly took it down…. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


      1. SaveMe Oh says:

        Ask CARP, PIRATS or UWA. All done and buried!


  2. Linden Lab has chosen to close the LEA sims instead of restaffing the committee and/or revamping the program. I am sorry SaveMe but it wasn’t you LOLOLOL…..


  3. I also just received this notecard and it is sad. I had a show there last year, right before they began to “restructure”. I was not privy to the inner workings of the LEA committee, but I hope they will be able to start again sometime in the future. I do not, however have my fingers crossed.

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    1. Well from reading through the info a few times, it looks like they had enough time to do something and LL didn’t. I really hope now that the heat is on and closing is imminent that either something will happen or it will be restarted again soon when things are in order. But it is so much work that I think LEA committee people should be Lindens and paid as well. Lets see what happens in the future maybe I will stick I foot in there… who knows


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