Hangars Liquides the Cyberpunk City in Second Life. What Will You Do to Help Save it?

We don’t want iconic places going into the SL sea do we? With the new terms by Linden Lab, Hangars Liquides cannot have rentals to support it since it is a nonprofit. LL has reached out to make an exception but we still fear the worst for this HUGE amazing build that has been a community in Second Life since 2007. Every part of it is custom built and like nothing else in the virtual world.

If you LOVE cyberpunk would you rent there or donate to keep it self sustaining? What would you do to help? If you are interested in helping and learning about this huge 5 sim project follow this link.

Too many lovely, intriguing, elaborately built places in Second Life are sinking into the virtual sea. What can we do as a community to help make sure this doesn’t happen to the most aged, prominent and long lasting destinations in Second Life that make it what the virtual world truly is?

My fear is that we will be left with shopping events, unsavory RP sims (there is a difference between bad RP and the really good RP sims), porn, and griefers. Let’s be clear, SL is full of RP sims and Hangars Liquides is a wonderful one. I am talking about the bad being bad in my previous sentence. Backlash is coming for that.. sorry.

Second Life NEEDS to be known for what it truly is and not stripped down into the worst of what it is in small niche areas. Iconic, HUGE, intricate builds need to be saved at all costs. Does anyone know what happened to The Great Wall of China? Can you name any insane builds that have sank into the sea? Share them in the comments of my blog and discuss what we all can do to better Second Life.

As for now the talks are going on whether or not this new TOS will be waved a bit so that Hangar Liquides can stay….. But just in case you have not been there, here is the LM so please go see all of it while you still can. Hangars Liquides LM.

Part of Hangars Liquides

These sims are immense and built up really tall right on top of the ground. I looked at the map and tried to find a cityscape or waters edge to get a good shot. That did not happen… here is the map…

I thought I could fly around and look from the ocean but could not. The city is the entirety of the 5 sims from ground to cosmic height built up like nothing I have ever seen before. See?….

Look into the middle of this picture…. that is miles and miles down. I flew up to great height and set my draw distance as far is it would go to get a good look. It took awhile to rez and I still could not see it all. As you can see we cannot just let Hangars Liquides sink into the SL ocean.

As I walk around lost there are far too many areas to see and it will take days to do it. If you have not seen this great build yet…. do not hesitate.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the move on this place. It is indeed amazing. We want places like this to be the showcase of what our world is, not just let’s shop like you touch. Amazing artistic talents and frankly iconic of the VirtualSpace we live in.

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    1. Your video is great and I wanted to do my part by getting the blog out there tooo. Keep making videos!!!

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      1. Thank you. So far Inworld Films Suzie Anderton has also made one https://youtu.be/ot57T0tg2lA. Also Maddie Wyatt https://youtu.be/b2TQm8LAvsM
        It’s lovely everyone is doing their part. What amazes me is I’ve never seen this on my destinations page and frankly it should have been yet I never saw it until a friend some months back.

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      2. oh thank you I will add them to the end of the blog too 🙂

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      3. Maybe it was never submitted to the destination guide … had I known I could have submitted it… I have gotten a few places in there like LEA builds by Tahiti Rae and The Paris Metro Art Gallery with my exhibit a few years back 🙂

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  2. Orca Flotta says:

    Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:

    Hangars Liquides. Who doesn’t know or at least hasn’t heard of this huuuge cyberpunk city that spans over 5 sims. Obviously they are in trouble. Please read Amanda Magick’s blog report and watch Isabelle Cheren’s video:

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  3. I have literally spent hours and hours wandering around Hangars Liquides, over the years, and still never seen it all. It is a wonderful place. It is a photographers paradise. I had no idea it was under threat. It’s places like Hangars Liquides, Insilico, and Kowloon that make SL truely magical. Thanks for the heads-up, I shall rush off and see how I can help prevent its demise.

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