SaveMe Is Not The Topic???-My Thoughts on the Matter in Second Life

The only way Saveme could be the topic of discussion is if she weren’t banned from all LEA sims. The only place she is the topic is on her own site. When and if LEA reamerges with a new committee I am certain that Saveme will STILL be banned…. she has earned this honor with great gusto. But one place she will always perform is on her own blog and vlog sites with her own machinima … there isn’t much to be desired there but it’s all her just like she likes it.

This is my last reference to her… from here on out you are all on your own. LOL. How we treat people in SL is very important especially if you are an artist or performer. You just never know who you are speaking to behind the avatar do you? It could be the Queen or a famous person or a family member. The other avatar could be anyone and I mean anyone…. Learning this lesson is hard for some people and many need practice on how they treat and speak to others.

Make SL how you want it. Treat others with respect as well.

SaveMe Oh's Weblog

Vrelder: We cry from morning to late night over LEA:((

PatriciaAnne Daviau: ahhhh
it will be ok… there are a ton of other places out there

Daark Gothly: So no
more art instillations?

PatriciaAnne Daviau: Not
through the LEA as it is now. I think LEA needs to be reorg’d and a
fresh new program emerge.

Josef K : It shouldn’t be
that hard to keep LEA running as the current LEA Committee has no
jurisdiction to shut LEA down.

According to the LEA
Bylaws there must be at least 7 members in the LEA Committee:

– 4.1.1 There will be a
maximum of eleven (11) and a minimum of seven (7) Committee Members
once the number goes below seven (7) elections will take place.

However, for more than 2
year by now there has been less than the required 7 members in the
LEA Committee. In spite of that…

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