As She Sleeps… in Second Life. A Time Very Long Ago..

She certainly is NOT dreaming of her prince charming kneeling beside her and watching as she sleeps. No. That would not be prince charming but a stalker. Prince Charming would come to her in the waking hours and woo her as a proper prince would. A creepy man that she has never met, watching her sleep, would not be prince charming. Guards!!!!! Where are the guards to catch that man who dares to enter her chambers and watch her?

This image was done years ago before there was mesh everything. I can’t tell you where I got anything because it was long ago. However, I did use closed eyes appliers that had eyeshadow and lashes. Also I was laying down in a coffin of flowers of some kind and had crowns of roses on.

This is one of the pictures I want to redo with modern everything. Just redo it as an up to date scene. I may at some point do that but it won’t be the same nor as good maybe. All I can tell you is that photoshop is what turned this picture into art in and of itself. I have been inside Photoshop for 7 years learning and playing. This is Sleeping Beauty in Second Life and part of my old Enchanted Exhibit at Paris Metro Art Gallery back in 2015.

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  1. I try never to be THAT person, but Sleeping Beauty is my fav, so I had to. Lol First, I love that pic; gorgeous! SB actually met Prince Phillip and had plans for a date with him the night that the curse took effect; it was Snow White that never met Prince Charming. I don’t know if it matters much, but just wanted to put that out there. I do agree though that there are some freaky plots to old Disney movies like stalking (loved that line btw), being so underage, etc, but I guess that’s our generation looking at an older one. 😃 Have a great day and keep up the great posts!

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    1. I have Snow white too… everything blurs LOL
      This will be another post 🙂 Thank you for visiting!!!


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