22 Ways To Support & Help A Blogger

This is a topic I feel strongly about. If you enjoy someones blog by all means take some advice from this blog post! Whenever I visit other blogs I always click the FOLLOW pop-up on the bottom right here on WordPress. It’s that easy. You usually will see a Follow by Email field somewhere as well. I was getting lots of emails and when you don’t want these filling up your email account you can always turn them off in your email if you can find it. Or go to your wordpress settings and turn off emails there. The thing is, reading, sharing, reblogging, press this, linking back (putting their url into your blog post), adding their link to your links section, commenting, there are so many things you can do….. This is how blogging works and it gives them more exposure and you as well!!! Think about it, next time you are blog hopping and clicking around. Social media is such a useful tool and you can share their links on your Twitter, FB, Instagram, Bloglovin, anywhere you are! I hope you will! This Blog I am sharing is a Real Life blog of tips and I think it’s just as important to us Second Life Bloggers!!! My Blog is my baby and I share everything I like as you will see down in my links and with my blog posts. SHARING IS CARING in the blogging world!


New Lune

There are so many ways you can support and help an established or new blogger especially if you like their work and content. I’ve gathered 22 ways to support & help bloggers so if you’re interested, keep on reading!

Vous pouvez soutenir et aider les blogueurs établis ou nouveaux de nombreuses façons, en particulier si vous aimez leur travail et leur contenu. J’ai rassemblé 22 façons de soutenir et d’aider les blogueurs, alors si vous êtes intéressé, continuez à lire!

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Not only that blogger will know you like their content but it’ll be so helpful for them to plan their future content.

Non seulement ce blogueur saura que vous aimez leur contenu, mais il leur sera très utile de planifier leur contenu.


If you’ve found a blog post helpful, comment on that…

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