The Maine Coast of Second Life

How LOVELY!!!! I will have to go visit and see the cute town charm with different houses. I got a house in the first wave of new homes…. these cute little beauties have me jealous!!! Please read this welldone blog!! –AmandaMagick

Bits & Pieces of SL

The Maine coast is known to have some of the most beautiful spots in America with one of the largest coastlines.  Each town along the coast offers its own natural charm with an array of fun activities and some of the most gorgeous homes and neighborhoods that make it a special place to live.

Now you can have a similiar experience in Second Life.  The Maine Coast is a residential community that is made up of 11 islands.  Yes, that many connected communities that welcomes you to share and live in an upscale and classy residential lifestyle.

The landing point is at the town center where you can gather and meet your neighbors.  The community is still a work in progress, but available now for moving in.  There will be planned ammenities that will enhance your lifestyle and experience living in a residential community intended for family role-play and open…

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