Needful Things in Real Life and Second Life! Paris Metro Couture

Paris Metro Couture is a lovely fashion in Second Life and has been the top of their game for so many years. Rose has always been at the cutting edge with textures, colors of the year, styles and her own personal artwork as textures, not to mention the best most flowy, liquid moving fexi the grid has ever ever seen. No one does skirts like PMC seriously though.

The Far East Beach skirt and halter top. Fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink bodies.

But this blog is about the fact that PMC has gone to real life. You can now keep up with Rose and her design sense in real life by treating yourself to some things you may want to have and enjoy right now on your own real personal selves. Paris Metro Couture Website.

Flower Painting High Waist Chiffon Dress.
Modern Renaissance Flower Formal Party Dress.

Paris Metro Couture is in Second Life. PMC Landmark. Please go see Paris and what PMC has for you! The stunning beauty will capture your mind. These fashions are for Classic Body, Belleza, Omega, Maitreya and Slink. Hover your mouse over the vendors to see what they offer as options.

Paris Metro Couture is in Real Life. Paris Metro Couture Website. There are so many things for you I can’t even list them all. Fashion with formal and semi formal as well as casual, Accessories and Art on Things… All these needful beauties waiting for you!!!

I know I love to shop and now I can in Real Life as well as Second Life with someone I love. It doesn’t get more real than this!!! Always remember you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Follow Rose Freeland and her Illustrations in Real Life!

Paris Metro Story & Videos! Click this!!!!

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