Summer’s end (and The Stolen Child Exhibit)

I love Cybele’s stories and images. She is a wonder with her mixing of RL and SL. I hope you will read this and go see her art she is everywhere these days. She is still at Paris Metro Art Gallery and has been there a good time while we are slow. Also you can go to the Itakos Art Gallery and see her most recent The Stolen Child story and exhibit on August 31 2019.

I know I am not blogging much on my own these days please forgive me. I am getting ready to move back to England in October so I have no brain power for my own art and blogging. So as you can see I am sharing many things here at my blog until my life has calmed down and I can focus on my own blogging and photography. I used to be more of a real life artist years ago. I did photography with a manual Canon AE-1 and worked the college darkroom. I can’t tell you how much I love it but am so very allergic to the chemicals now. My whole body breaks out in a terrible wrinkly old looking skin. It was so strange… so I am glad for modern day digital!! Anyway as I get my life together I am sharing other blogs I love and things I believe in. Anyway back to my friend Cybele, I hope you will read her blog and follow her there and in Second Life. —AmandaMagick

the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter

a short story:


Megan looked over the last  of the Black -eyed Susans glowing in the morning sun. It was time to lock up the summer cottage forever, she thought.  Something happened yesterday that had confirmed all her old fears and misgivings about the place. Some years before she had inherited the little house from her parents  but it had been years since she had come up to the lake- “as busy as life always was” she would explain to those who asked.


Megan’s husband had finally coaxed her to re-open it so he could  take up fishing on the summer and fall weekends. Somewhat reluctantly Megan agreed and with their daughter they began to spend more time there. Her daughter, Ingrid, loved it. Right away the little girl had found an injured crow that she nursed back to health and named Mr. Muninn.  Every day he would fly in…

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  1. thanks so much my friend and I am so excited ( and jealous lol) for your move back to UK!!!! Take care of yourself and rest lots between packing and planning!!

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    1. thank you. I have to do things I didn’t know about like having my bank sent a statement there and getting med. records copied and ready to go with me and other things… its a lot of work nevermind packing LOL So I relax and look at blogs and share things when I can LOL. You are one of my favorites ❤

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      1. likewise! and yes all those little details argg!!

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  2. PS: don’t worry about blogging and such- I’m very sporadic these days myself !!


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