A Word About Blogging in Second Life

You know what grinds my gears? Rules that are ridiculous that’s what. I mean I understand stores in Second Life have rules for their bloggers to follow and rules they themselves follow in terms of managing all the bloggers. But has it ever ever been acceptable to control the blogger so drastically? As a designer in SL, when is it ok to dictate exactly how a blogger posts to flickr.  Why would you tell a blogger that they cannot share their blog post link on their own picture they did for you? Are you afraid their blog is taking away exposure to your store? What is the problem here? I am finding it hard to wrap my head around the idea that a store in SL would not let their blogger share their own blog on their own picture on Flickr.

I am not going to say the store that does this. A friend of mine showed me what they said to her and I am still like blinking my eyes. Ok so, in the stores eyes it seems that they only want THEIR LM and MP in the description of the bloggers Flickr post and that is all. No other links to the persons blog. They must think the blogger will get more attention than the viewer just dropping everything and tping to the store or hitting the MP. WHAT? I am sorry… doesn’t this store want bloggers? You know people with actual blogs? Blogs that have stats and traffic as well as exposure in google? Actual sites that will point to the store in Second Life is a good thing it is not taking away from the traffic to the MP or in world, it is actually driving MORE over time. People will still find these blogs later in the future and return to the store and on the MP. I just don’t get it.

If I were to get a blogging job from someone in SL and I was told this rule about posting to Flickr, do you know what I would do?

Drop their ass. (kindly of course) I know I just rewrote this thing like 3 times and I am still letting it soak in…. FFS.


You will find the wrong places and the right places and I suggest sticking with the right ones.

If anyone wants to talk about this topic and you have a different point of view that’s ok too. Just take it to the comments of this blog post. We can discuss.

I am at Babylon for Tukso’s set and I am wearing PLASTIX-Apostrophe Dress at this round of Collab88. Also a new Magika Hair- Rowan and older glasses from /artilleri/ called Meredith they are on the MP. A note about the glasses. As you can see they are shining the light. While you are wearing them go into edit on them and make them medium shiny. 🙂 You are welcome.

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:

    OMG! 😮 Fortunately I’m not a ‘store blogger’, never have been, never will. So nobody can dictate or influence they way I blog about stuff, should I decided to blog about it at all.
    Rest assured your editrix only blogs about shit she likes and uses regularly. No matter if bought, found as a freebie or given to me by friends and aquaintances. If you find it in this blog – and maybe even has a MP or inworld store link, its good shit.That’s all I gotta say about being a blogger for hire. I just don’t do it!

    Read about Amanda’s experience with a very demanding store owner …

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    1. Thank You. It was not my experience per say a friends but I feel strongly about this. thanks for sharing!

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  2. I don’t know the whole story, so it’s a bit difficult comment, but I can understand why a store would not want external links to a blog and if it is what I think it is, I would agree with the store owner. Me, if I look at a pic on Flickr, I want to see the credits on the Flickr page. Having to go to a website to get links they could have added to their Flickr description in my eyes is a waste of time. Why would a store owner want to associate themselves with a so cold blog which is essentially a bunch of links? Most of those websites look horrible and spammy and of no value, and Google couldn’t care less about those websites. There is traffic and there is traffic. Having tons of website hits means nothing. When I visit a blog, it is to read something or because the blog has added value to the Flickr post. As I said, I don’t have the whole story…

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    1. Having the store links on the flickr is fine and adding on your own blog you worked hard on with that picture in it should be good in my mind. I am talking about actual blogger who write a blog for that picture then share the picture on Flickr with the store links AND THE BLOG LINK. My friend was told NOT add on her blog link. Yes there are bloggers out there who a blog and just use it for a picture and style card and thats it… many do that. But thats their prerogative it’s their blog that they worked hard on and it’s for that picture. So they post a picture on flickr and put the stores links and their own link. There is nothing wrong with that. But this one store does not want that extra blog post link shared at all because it takes from their store links being utilised? I still don’t understand why this would even be a rule a store thought of. I am still shaking my head.


  3. I would so not blog for them… and boycot their store alltogether… I don´t buy from someone that stuck in their own world. That´s just not how blogging works! There are some rules you can like and accept or refuse and there won´t be a cooperation but this is …not even ridiculous anymore…

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  4. I totally agree with you. I’m not sure if anyone has bothered to note but Flickr did make it clear about links to stores under photos.
    If a person is a blogger then it’s common sense that the bloggers link goes under it.
    Stores are looking for free advertising well then the price they pay is that they share that “free advertising” with the person who advertises their wares.
    Bloggers share the outfits to their store Flickr groups etc.
    I personally think it’s damn rude to tell anyone what they can and cannot do on their own Flickr and blog pages. Most pay their own cash out to run their Flickr and blog pages.
    I certainly wouldn’t do it, never been asked, never have and never will!!

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    1. yes its safe to use your blog post link. You have to be a business in order to put advertising in the details like Marketplace and such. So you are better off using your actual BLOG post link. I don’t see why this is an issue. Blog sites are wonderful. I will always stick up for the blogger.

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