Lekku Alley, Nar Shaddaa Red Light District- Second Life

There is something to be said about destinations in Second Life that are well optimized. New World Notes Blog has been talking about it lately and told us of a place by Penny Patton. This Star Wars themed bar really is well optimized. I went there on my 5 year old Mac, while NOT dressing down my avatar to a classic one. I went as is on my Mac to see how this place will hold up to me as I am with mesh head and body and evish ears, mesh hair and my AO…. I did not take anything off before going there.

Well guess what? When I landed I was at 110 FPS with advanced lighting model on.

Please click the images to see them larger. The graphics are good because my computer is pretty acceptable (2014 iMac) and Being able to use Advanced Lighting Model helps a lot too.

As I accepted the pop up and walked through…… gasps…..

My FPS dropped to 80. So I kept going and walking through all the doorways…

I am camming around and everything is loading really fast and of course my FPS is between 70-80 still.

I am just a lost wanderer and keep on going… seeing what I can see….. I am using the Firestorm viewer and I have never seen such good performance EVER in Second Life. People can naysay and poopoo all they want but New World Notes blogging this was right to do so. Creators and everyone need to take notes when Penny gives out some lessons.. I am not kidding. Stay tuned to her blog for them. We all need to learn a thing or two on how to get SL to run like this.

Everyone needs to go see this place and read the notecard and do what it says. Go get you Star Wars on!

Lekku Alley Nar Shaddaa Red Light District LM

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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    Picked up some tricks from Penny years and years ago, thought she’s finally given up on SL blogging and was surprised to read about her comeback in Hamlet’s blog. It’s pretty cool.

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