Bakes On Mesh, Paris Metro Couture and Second Life

It’s starting and the widespread activation of Bakes On Mesh in Second Life is slowly spreading to the community. So far, the Default SL Viewer is capable of Bakes on Mesh. Also, the mesh bodies are slowly becoming capable as well. As far as I know, the bodies that are BOM activated are; Signature Alice, TMP Legacy and Slink. Maitreya has made a BOM hud and here is their blog.

If you want more information on BOM Inara Pey wrote a great blog.

Now I know people have varying opinions about BOM that range from amazement to smug outrage because they don’t want anything to do with old classic system layers. But I am here to tell you that those system layers are worth keeping especially your favorite well done amazing ones. For example, there is a creator out there who has always made the best high quality and beautiful system layers with her own art. This would be Rose from Paris Metro Couture. I have always kept everything from her. These textures on classic layers are so well done they look like mesh. She has always been at the top of her game in SL. I know she has been busy in RL lately but we still have the store at the Paris sims and I think you should either keep all your PMC or go buy some. Also her flexi skirts are the most beautiful and fluid moving ever in SL. Yes the complexity on flexi skirts can be higher but in the recent past we have been working on lowering that and besides with the new BOM activated everywhere and on everything in the future it won’t really matter too much if the skirt has a few complexity numbers. You can’t get completely away from them anyway. All we can do is our best and love the beauty in SL that people create.

What makes me giggle are peoples smug and haughty attitudes about classic layers and flexi. Some people have gone as far as deleting everything old from their inventory and deleted everything that wasn’t for their favorite mesh body as well. Basically throwing all their saved expensive things away that they bought. LOL what? yeah. Me? I have kept it all unless it was hideously made. I think 80% of my inventory is Paris Metro Couture. I am keeping all of it.

BOM is worth reading up on and figuring out before you make huge assumptions and naysay. One nice thing is that the old alpha layers for clothing will now work on your BOM ready mesh body… yeah. BOM will help with your avatars optimisation as in fewer triangles for sure. It remains to be seen how much help it will be, we will take what we can get.

I don’t how long the wait for Bakes On Mesh will be to gravitate to all mesh boddies and all SL viewers but it will be nice for all to be using. Designers will also be making new classic layers for their new creations as well that will be really nice especially if you are one of the people that threw everything away and are buying new things.

Happy shopping!

Paris METRO Couture LM

As always please remember that Paris Metro Couture has gone to real life and you can shop online ok? Paris METRO Couture Website

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    The old hippie in me loved the video. Lovely styles … yummy yummy yummy …

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