Level’s event CEO Jaay attacks a blogger for requesting reason for improvement after blogger rejection

My thoughts on the matter:
Let the Level Event and staff reap what they have sown. Saying it was a misunderstanding and trying to make Bella apologise is sick. They all went gangsta in comments to other threads acting very hood and unprofessional to the point that designers pulled out of the event is what they deserve. Bloggers are due complete respectful behavior not verbal abuse from the start then taking it further even…. I am sorry about what Jaay said to Punky in the response card. I have no words for Jaay and Lovely…. none of this whole ordeal was ever joking around. You cannot misread what they said. You cannot misunderstand it either. It was very clear and hostiley unprofessional. I say let them reep it alllll because it was duly deserved. I will always stick up for the bloggers in situations like this one.– AmandaMagick

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  1. Aislinn says:

    I agree, let them reap what they sowed from those threads and their own bad behavior. I was in one of those threads, the one from Bella, and it blew up badly for Jaay and Lovely. Their behavior was inexcusable, unjustifiable, and unprofessional. Punky’s original post was just her asking on if she had worded her own nc right. Bella shared the post and she had every right to share it. She felt it was overly blunt and rude. Jaay could have handled that whole situation in a better way, but from her first comments, she was passive-aggressive in her tone and it went full out hostility not long after that. I noted that a few people did try to warn Jaay that her behavior was uncalled for and was going to have consequences, so it’s not like she wasn’t warned. When Lovely Viridis joined into the fray, claiming to be Level’s HR and how she was going to drag everyone, that is when it took on a tone that showed both Lovely’s and Jaay’s real personalities. They are now trying to backtrack, including a comment from Lovely, claiming that it was all a misunderstanding and was dealt with, which is when it came out that she was telling Bella that she needed to apologize to Jaay for sharing the post.
    Jaay has now posted an apology that sounds blatantly like this is trying to do some damage control, claiming that Lovely is not related to the Level event in any way, despite going along with Lovely calling herself the Level HR in a couple of different threads and posting that she was hired as the Level HR, in a post on her own timeline, that had Jaay tagged in. At no time, at that point, did Jaay mention or point out that it was not true. In fact, she went with it.
    Do I believe Jaay’s apology? No, not in the least. She was an idiot who let her own self-absorbed personality shine through in the ugliest of lights, along with the crude Lovely Viridis.
    As for the designers, bloggers, and customers who decide to boycott Level, they have every right to make a stand against such petty and ignorant people. With that said though, for those who do decide to stay, they also have that right and though some may not agree with it, they should not be harassed or harangued about their decision. Each person has to decide for themselves, on what they should do in this situation.

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    1. I agree with you 100%. I saw where Lovely posted on her timeline that she was hired as HR/blogger manager. Yes Jaay went along with it and never denied it either. The whole thing was childish hostile and petty. The 2 of them acted like 7th graders in middle school while they said horrible things to people. I have not seen the likes of this since 7th grade to be honest. It’s disgusting and they will reap all that has been sown including the 100 memes that will be in SL Secrets tomorrow. I cannot believe how mean they both were. Adults they are not.

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