WOW I Got #13 in The Top 25 SL Blogs-FeedSpot-Second Life Feeds (update!!)

I had forgotten that I submitted my blog to this feed not too long ago. I am a true believer that feeds for SL Blogs are not dead. It has been known for a long time that feeds bring you traffic to your blog even if it is slow. I have been told that back in the day when feeds were popular the traffic was more. But I am telling you right now that they are not dead. I have put my blog onto many feeds in the past and closely watched to see which ones I get hits from. So I kept those on my list of syndications and deleted the rest of them I didn’t see anything from over the course of a year.

Here is FeedSpot if you want to check them out and add your blog. Top 25 Second Life Blogs on Feed Spot.

This is one of those places that charges money but there is a free account too. So you have to get past the pop up window (grr). But anyway, I am happy that they think my site here is worthy of spot number 13.


My icon did not load but hey, I am just happy to be there.

If you want to check out all my other feeds/syndications and use them go here…. Syndications Page




I have had to respond to an email from the CEO of Feedspot…. with this site you can be a free member and I submitted my blog to it for free. But, in order to use anything about the site they require you to pay for a membership that is something like 23.88 a year. Also there is an annoying popup window in front of everything for you to upgrade blocking your view. So I am feeling very agitated with this site. The truth of the matter is that they want your money. Also he was very quick to email me 3 times also about upgrading and the fact that I didn’t finish upgrading and backed out. So I sent him this response email… 

To Anuj:

“I was checking it out.. and I cannot pay for it and I don’t want the 30 day trial because I am moving I will forget to cancel. Thank you for adding my blog to your to 25 though… But if it’s just a ploy to get me to pay I will be a bit annoyed LOL. The pop up that is in the way makes it very difficult to be a free account when you say being a free account is ok… Leaves me to wonder about how legit this place is in regards to getting paid members. Thank you though and if my site leaves your top 25 now… I will completely understand what is happening.”


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